Which University is Best for Bed and Med | VU or AIOU?

Which University is Best for Bed and Med | VU or AIOU?
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If you are looking to get a degree of Bed or Med within or outside Pakistan, then two big names comes into mind VU or AIOU. Today, I will compare both of these universities so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Which University is Best for Bed and Med

I will be mentioning here about 10 points by which you can easily choose the best suitable university for you.

Degree Value

VU or AIOU – Both the universities are federally chartered and their degrees are recognized at national and international level. As both universities are government, so I can say that the degree value is equal for both of them.

Fee Structure

As per the fee structure is concerned, the VU fee for the first semester of B.ed or M.ed is 18000+21000, and for the rest of the semesters, it will be 21000 that can be paid in installments also.

AIOU’s first-semester fee is 18000 and in the next semesters, it will be around 12000. So as per the fee, I can conclude that VU is more expensive than AIOU.

System of Teaching

The system of teaching for both universities are online. VU is practicing an online system since its birth while AIOU has recently started it. So VU online system is well established and easy to use while the system of AIOU is not operating in a good way and totally failed. So VU is better in this sense.

Learning Environment

VU lecturers are available on the internet that covers each and every topic of the subject area and syllabus. Also, VU handouts and books are easily available. While AIOU just provides books and some publishers also published helping books. In this sense, VU provides a better learning environment for students.

Workshops and Classes

There are no classes and workshops in the VU system of education while AIOU conducts workshops each semester. So a person doing a job can face problems while attending workshops that normally have a duration of 2 weeks in each semester and having timing between 2 to 6 PM. In this way, VU has an edge.

Examination Schedule

In VU, you set your own datasheet for examination i.e. You set the date, day, and time for each paper. Even you can give papers on Sundays. You have the facility to give 4 papers in a day. While AIOU has a set of datasheets and you have to face problems if you are doing a job as well.

Marks and Results

VU gives good marks while AIOU gives average marks to all even if you are brilliant. For example, if you are intelligent and work hard, you can easily get 90%+ marks in VU while you can get hardly 70%+ marks in AIOU.

Systematic and Well Scheduled

The system in VU is very systematic and well scheduled. Proper dates are followed for exams, results, quizzes, and assignments. While AIOU tasks are not well scheduled. You are always waiting for the books, tutors’ letters, and such stuff and you really become frustrated and annoyed in the AIOU system.

VU or AIOU – Quiz and Assignment System

VU has a proper Quiz and assignment system from where learning is possible at its peak. While the AIOU system of assignments is totally useless and there is no outcome out of it.

Campus Facility

VU campuses exist in even small cities also. These campuses are providing the best support to students. Although AIOU regional offices exist at district levels but students are unable to get any benefit from them.

Old Concept of AIOU is now No more

The last and final point is the most important. The old concept of AIOU was that if you live in a far-flung area and you don’t have internet and electricity, then you can study from AIOU easily but now this concept is totally demolished as AIOU has now started its online system.


Most of the points give an edge to the VU system of education while rejecting AIOU. So in the end, I will also recommend the Virtual University of Pakistan to all students.