What is UDC ? | UDC Responsibilities | Eligibility Criteria | UDC Salary | UDC Syllabus

What is UDC ? | UDC Responsibilities | Eligibility Criteria | UDC Salary | UDC Syllabus
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FGEI UDC Sample Paper MCQs

Welcome to your UDC Test

What is UDC?

UDC stands in for the Upper Division Clerk; UDC is a clerk’s job that rank is higher than the rank in LDC. The clerk of the upper division generally uses a Computer.

Each year, in Pakistan, The Govt Sectors, Public Sectors, and Armed Forces Announce several jobs for Clerks in the Upper Division.

In the 21st Century, the usage of organizational computer computers is growing daily. Computers offer numerous advantages that help the organization improve speed, efficiency, and work. The computer performs different functions that are very important in every field of life.

With all these specs and specifications, the computer is still a computer that requires well-educated and computer-literate individuals.  UDC is a professional who can meet all of these requirements.

UDC Responsibilities:

These are the responsibilities of the Job of the UDC.

  • Writing Letters
  • Reading E-mails
  • To Assist the Officers
  • Proof Readings of LDC work
  • Maintaining Excel Sheets and Maintaining Information
  • Analytics or reporting data report to the Officers
  • The keeping of a salary record of employees
  • Keeping Record of the Attendance
  • UDC gives coordination between the parent and sub-organisation
  • The basic idea is that UDC typically works with computers and can perform different tasks, as mentioned earlier. It will vary from organization to organization.


UDC Eligibility Criteria:

The Eligibility Criteria for upper division clerk is Intermediate (FA / FSc).

Skills Required:

The needed skills are Computer Knowledge, knowledge of MS  Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Good Typing speed, and Internet and many more.

UDC Salary and Pay Scale:

UDC awards BPS-11. UDC’s Starting Salary in Pakistan is about RS. 20,000 plus, and the average salary for a Clerk of the Upper Division is around Rs. 35,000.

UDC Test Syllabus:

  • English
  • Quantitative
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Computer
  • General Knowledge


If you want to prepare UDC test for FGEI, read the following book.

FGEI Test Preparation Syllabus

Final Verdict:

To summarise, the Upper Division Clerk position is an excellent job to begin your career. Further, People are advised to apply following their Intermediate degree. But I would recommend students to study until they get a job.