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Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter in 2019

Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter in 2019
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Twitter once again is one of the most important social media platforms for brands. Twitter users can maintain their image and presence on the cyberspace. if you are present on Twitter it is going to prove itself very useful and can provide you with a larger audience. This means that there are more people who are going to view your products and the offers associated with them. We’re going to tell you how to make this happen. You can follow the following practices to increase your Twitter followers in the year 2019.

Have A Killer Account Description For Yourself:

If you are some who has an idea to sell, it is going to be a good practice that you should have an eye-catching profile description for your account. Now eye-catching doesn’t mean that you forget to make it witty and interesting for people visiting your profile.

You Need To Follow The Right People:

This is one of the most practiced ways that is going to get you a large number of Twitter followers. Not only you will get more followers, but also you will also come across like-minded people. All you need to do is to follow them as well. A good practice is that you should look for people who are part of your industry or have the same designation as you are. Follow their Twitter accounts. They might look at your profile when you follow them and receive a notification from your end. It is a recommendation that you should follow people who have less followers as they might look at you when you follow them.

Retweet, Reply To Messages and Favorite:

This one of the many ways to get more followers. This will help you engage with other Twitter users. While doing so make sure that you retweet some of the tweets, reply to messages and favorite tweets from your industry. This will help you get your name on priority of such users. There is a chance that these users will follow you back and when they see your tweet, they retweet your tweet as well.

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Use A Better Way To Interact On Twitter:

You can use search agents to perform searches that are running for industry terms and mentions associated with your brand. When you see that there is a new tweet coming in, you must follow it. Follow it or interact with the users who has tweeted that.

Make Sure That You Tweet At The Right Time:

There are a lot of tools that can help you schedule your tweets and post on time. The tool looks at the Twitter of the last few months. Also, it looks for the time when users have interacted with the tweet you posted in the past. With more interactions of tweets, there is a high chance that you get more followers. Interactions mean more Retweets.

Tweet Content From Other Users:

It is a good practice to share content from any of your favorite bloggers and companies. It seems nice if you tag them when you are sharing their content. This is somewhat like retweeting. This increases your chances of getting a follow back when they get notified and see your @mention in their feed.

Ask Your Readers To Follow Your Account:

If you are a blogger or you have a website that you run. You can add a Twitter button and CTA that point to your account or content. For instance, at the end of the article that you have posted. You can ask your audience for their opinion and suggestion on Twitter. This has a great effect. Also, this encourages the audience to tweet you and get you a follow or follow back.

Use The Most Appropriate Hashtag:

Tweets that have hashtags get more than 10 percent engagement than tweets that don’t have hashtags. It makes them one of the easiest ways to get new people to view your tweets. You can use hashtags according to the industry. These hashtags include #SEO, #digitalmarketing, #civilengineering, and many others. Also, these might be about an event or a forthcoming holiday.

Add A little Fun Factor When Using Hashtags:

When using hashtags to your tweets, you can add some class to your tweets. Also, you can add a little fun factor while using hashtags. You can use something like #freakyfriday #moonlightmonday #thursdaythoughts and something cheesy that is attention-grabbing. If you put it this way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that having hashtags is like having some solid SEO techniques on your website. It is a good practice that you use these tags in a proper manner. This will get your post/tweet amidst the top search results for the hashtag you use.

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Use Audio/Visual Content:

Tweets that have pictures, videos, and live video feeds get more interactions than tweets that have text only. Studies reveal that tweets that have visual content with them get more than 120 percent more retweets. Make sure you add some sort of image, video or live video feed to your account. Make sure that you add high-resolution images and videos. These can be made to entertain people or have a problem for which you can get many users to engage with you.

Buying Followers Wouldn’t Be A Good Idea:

Take my word on it and never buy Twitter Followers. It might sound convenient but this is not helpful in the long run. The reason is that even if you have more followers, you won’t be having any genuine people who would want to buy your product or services.

Twitter is one amazing platform for people who are looking forward to get genuine sales and serious buyers. If you are looking forward to get more sales and more followers for your Twitter profile. Make sure you follow these practices and make your Twitter account more profitable for yourself. Also, if you are looking forward to use Twitter for business purposes you can devise your practices and be more creative with them as well.

Author Bio: Muhammad Aban works as a content editor at SEO Services Pakistan. He has seven years of experience in content marketing and online branding. He writes about Digital Marketing, Business and startups.