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Top 5 Video Recording and Editing Software

Top 5 Video Recording and Editing Software
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Whether you run an online business or having an education website, videos are must be made by you. There are thousands of cases when you need to make a video but here I have mentioned here only 3 to give you just a view;

  • You are selling products and you need to make a demo video that how to set up your products or how the product will work?
  • You have an educational site and to explain the step of a tutorial or guide, you must have to make a video for this.
  • You are making a walkthrough of a game.

In these cases, you need to record your screen while you are performing the steps of the tutorial.

When you search on the internet, you may find hundreds of screen recorders but when you try to use them, only a few will best fit your choice. All the other software may be useless due to any of the following reasons;

Why you Reject Video Recording Software?

  • Necessary tools are missing with it e.g. mouse arrow can’t be customized or can’t be shown with a yellow highlighted circle.
  • Software is paid and only allowing you recording facility up to a few minutes
  • Recording quality is very low and maybe blurry
  • The recorder does not support audio capturing

To avoid all these cases, you can confidently use these top 5 free screen capturing software. These video recorders are paid but I will try to give you download links that are fully cracked. Moreover, these video recording software can be included it the top 5 free video editing software because they have both capable of recording and editing the videos.

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Top 5 Video Recording and Editing Software

The first one Camtasia Studio is my favorite and I use it for recording, joining, and to give beautiful effects to my videos.

1.        Camtasia Studio

This is the best tool over on internet to record your screens with plenty of effects like cursor settings, mouse click coloring, audio recording, custom screen sizes, etc.  Even after recording you can give multi-effects to your videos.

camtasia studio 8 free download

Following are its top features;

  • Edit video and audio separately
  • Include your own headshot through webcam
  • Split, stitch or delete part of the video
  • Noise removal
  • Add multiple tracks in video

Download link

2.        NCH Software

This is a small but handy tool that comes free for non-commercial use. You can record any size of desktop screen and save it in any format e.g. Avi, mp4, MPEG, WMV, Flv, etc. This facilitates video recording through webcam, an external device, PC screens, streaming video, etc.


Following are its top features;

  • Cursor location identifier
  • Record video with audio or turn off the audio recording
  • Record audio from speakers or microphone
  • Take a snapshot at any time from recording video
  • Control frame rate, resolution, and size

Download Link

3.        Tiny take

Tiny take is another small but useful free software for video capturing. The things that are mostly done by huge software, all can be done with this one. The image capturing and video capturing are both available in this tool. After capturing, you can edit the image with plenty of effects like changing the background, giving more focus to a portion of the image, or adding text to the image.

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Similarly, videos can be captured with any size with cursor highlighting.


Following are its top features;

  • Record video up to 120 minutes
  • Video recording via webcam or PC screen
  • Store video in the cloud
  • Zoom in/out
  • Sharing to popular video channels

Download Link

4.        Movavi Screen Capture Studio

If you think that any of the tools are missing from the other recorders, then your final selection should be Movavi screen capture studio. It is very helpful to create high-resolution videos with plenty of effects.


Following are its top features;

  • You can record video up to 60FPS
  • Drag edges to select a custom area of the recording
  • Cursor movement and button click effects
  • Audio recording from speakers, microphone, midi devices, and volume adjustment
  • Save video in all desired formats
  • Screen capture

Download Link

5.        Bandicam Screen Recorder

This recorder best suit to gamers who want to record their game walkthrough. This small tool can give a high compression ratio with the best quality.


Following are its top features;

  • 4k Ultra HD Recording up to 120 FPS
  • The game, PC or Webcam recording
  • All video and audio format supported
  • The image capturing during play
  • Upload to Youtube without producing

Download Link