Uber Launched Self-Driving Car on the US for the First Time

Uber Launched Self-Driving Car on the US for the First Time
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Uber has continuously addressed the issues faced by common people. It has done a lot to make commuting within a city more soothing and comfortable. In continuation to their innovative solutions, they have started driver less cars for ground transportation in downtown Pittsburg that is equipped with the latest technology gadgets to relieve the person in the driving seat.

The addition of sensitive cameras, lasers, and GPS make the vehicle a dream car to travel through the busy streets of the town. To avoid any mismanagement at such an early stage, the cars are not entirely robotized and that the cars will still need a human driver to oversee the operations and take action where required.

No doubt, it will be a bigger achievement for the residents to avail shared transportation in cars that offers a sophisticated user experience and being monitored by humans as well. To come up with smooth services, Uber has added Volvo as a business partner, and both the companies have plans to achieve the target of rolling up more than a hundred cars on the roads before the end of 2016.

Uber call it the first phase of adding driver less cars to the fleet and additional cars will be added with the passage of time. It will be a surprising experience for users as they can call for a driver and may get served by Volvo car, which will not charge them for a ride. Uber further plans to get affiliated with other auto manufacturers to build up an exemplary service in the states.

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Pittsburg city is among the technology hubs mainly because of the Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, which is renowned for a continuously researching on robotic zing vehicles. Uber is making the best use of the institute by hiring intellectuals from the city for unmatched innovation. You must be astonished to know that Uber has undergone a massive recruitment of engineers, mechanics and roboticists to offer an entirely autonomous fleet before 2021. A detailed report about the developments can be found in the Bloomberg article.

Uber is not just an alternate of the local taxi services as it aims to provide a complete peace of mind to the end consumers as well. For a common man, it is a blessing to save money with a shared drive without compromising the quality of transportation. And, the fact that Uber is continuously striving for improvement in their services is more relaxing and appealing to the users.