Types Of Biometric Technologies And Which One Is More Secure

Types Of Biometric Technologies And Which One Is More Secure
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In the present era, one cannot deny the fact that technological disruption has reached a level where human beings are being cloned. But, at the same time, this technology also helps us to protect our identity in different ways.

Biometric technologies help government agencies in gathering desired information, preventing frauds and using them for public benefit. Though none of the methods is foolproof, still, there are some authentic ways to ensure security. For more visit my Blog for this sort of articles.

Listed below are some of the more secure methods for biometric identification.

Fingerprint Identification:

By far this is the most common and accurate method used for biometric identification. Fingerprints of each person in this word are different and the pattern remains unchanged throughout life.  It can be recorded manually or digitally or forwarded electronically at different places as needed.

Fingerprint scanners are commonly used at offices too. It is an affordable security method without inputting many resources.

Retinal Scan:

In this technique, a person’s retina blood vessels are used for identification. The blood vessels present at the back of each person’s eye are unique and remain unchanged throughout life. However, this technique is quite costly. It also requires enough time for proper scanning of a person’s eye. It is mostly used at government organizations and armed forces’ institutions.

Iris Scan:

It is an advanced form of the retinal scan. It captures the image of your iris with the help of infrared cameras present on the device to identify an individual. The iris of every individual is unique and remains the same throughout life. Despite the fact iris scan is accurate and reliable, it isn’t as popular as the fingerprint scan.

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Facial Recognition:

Facial recognition is the fastest, the simple and the most appropriate choice for the business community. It gathers the information of different features of the face and merges them to form a single unique code which helps to identify a person.

Intelligent Scan:

Some software require two-way recognition. If one method fails to work due to some condition, the smart scan will use an alternate biometric technique to verify the individual. For example, Iris scan does not operate properly under the bright light of the sun. At this point, the intelligent scan will identify the individual by using the Facial recognition technique.

Voice Verification:

In the voice verification method, several dominant tones and frequencies are saved in a digital format to match a person’s voice for later identification. This feature is mostly used in mobiles and at call centers for customers. Although it is least costly and user-friendly, one cannot count on this method as there is always a risk involved. A person’s voice can never remain the same depending on the health and emotional state.

Palm Print Recognition:

Not only fingerprints of each person are unique, but the palm prints are also as well. That is why scientists have developed methods to exploit palm prints for identification purposes as well. Palm print verification works the same way as fingerprint identification does. The only con with this method is that the palm prints of a person may change after a certain period of time.

Signature scanning:

It is a type of behavioral biometric that is used to identify an individual by examining their handwritten text specifically their signature. It can be operated in two different ways: Static and Dynamic. Static commonly draws a comparison between a handwritten and scanned signature or a scanned signature v/s another scanned signature. Whereas, the dynamic method monitors minor details including direction, pressure, stroke, and formation that an individual display during signature.

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Typing Recognition:

Another behavioral biometric is a keystroke or commonly known as typing recognition. This recognition takes place on the basis of different techniques used by the humans for pressing or typing the keys that help in establishing their identity.

Which One Is More Secure?

Although none of the above methods are completely secured. Yet, fingerprint identification is considered the most secure method in all.

Different identification methods are followed by organizations according to their need, affordability, and convenience. It is a fact that biometric technology has overtaken the traditional security system and replaced the standard passwords and PINs era. By the increasing work in biometric technologies, soon we will be able to find a method which ensures 100 percent security. 

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