Top 5 Engineering Universities of Pakistan

Top 5 Engineering Universities of Pakistan
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Universities have always played fundamental roles in the societies ‘growth even before modernization and involvement in the education sector.

In fact, when we look back years and years ago, history clearly outlines the evaluation of knowledge, skills and behavior and studies have shown that according to prehistoric civilization, it was known as “Gandhara” mainly in Pakistan.

As a matter of fact, It was during the era when the “sun of Buddhism” was shining at its full. Undoubtedly the present university education which means a regular mode of studies was developed and perused by the Buddhists. The concept of research based study system was consequently founded. Furthermore, if we look today at this highly advanced setting; we can conclude that more or less the same methodology has been adopted by our high ranking esteemed and reputable institutes.

By quoting this antique civilization, I am actually referring to the facts rather than personal opinion or being biased.

It goes without saying that our beloved country, Pakistan, has an essence of rich ancient history of knowledge seekers institutes.

Later on, will discuss some of the best higher education engineering and technical institutes in Pakistan and we will try to cover more than one perspective so that it will give a thorough insight to our readers and will enable them as a result to have a clear understanding and can make a smart choice.

Top 5 Engineering Universities of Pakistan

We will also elaborate on some of the factors based on annual research output, quality of education and some specifics related to a particular field or area.


Commonly known as NUST amongst the masses and students particularly, this institute positions itself at number 1 in Pakistan’s Ranking and was founded in 1991 in Pakistan’s urban capital and metropolis area in Islamabad. This institute is also covering a significantly larger population.

Though not very famous in internationally, this university have strong roots in Pakistani cities of Karachi, Rawalpindi and Risalpur. The motive behind its foundation is to provide state-of-the-art course work to military cadets of PMA. In fact, after the civilian higher education was allowed mainly with a high merit of testing and evaluation. Its existence dates since 29 years ago, and it has a pleasant learning environment of co-education plus civil military classes at par.

The university meets the thirst and needs of knowledge from bachelor’s degrees to doctorate levels with special emphasis on science & technology and is one of the highest ranking engineering universities. Apart from technical knowledge, it is also tailors for Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Cultural studies & Linguistic.

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2. Pakistan Institutes of Engineering & Applied Science, Islamabad

It is a dream of every student who is intending to become an engineer to enroll at the PIEAS. Founded in 1967, this institution is a very small co-educational engineering university with a limited number of students at its roll. The students have to undertake a rigorous entry test in order to secure a place at this prestigious institute. The University follows an advanced HEC approved curriculum for Engineering, Science and Technology. Students can graduate AC/DC at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate levels.

As a matter of fact, this organization which is highly reputable in Pakistan has however a very low international ranking. In Pakistan being top rated, means having everything up to the mark from equipments, teaching faculties, the setting of the campus and the quality of education. For talented, smart and hard working prospective learners, this is the golden and prime choice. In our view PIEAS and NUST stood side by side.

3. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology

A marvelous institute for the skill tracking students of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, nevertheless, possesses a thin enrollment capacity; therefore it means that the contestants have to go through a rigid competition. It has a co-educational learning environment with a good standard in Higher Education Commission Ranks.

This great institute is quenching the technological hunger of many bright students for the past 27 years and was established in 1993. As stated earlier, it has quite a selective policy of admissions based on a comprehensive academic entry test followed by previous years’ performance at Secondary, Higher Secondary Schools or even higher, if you are aiming to have a specialized degree.

Like the aforesaid universities, this one also tailors for Engineering, Science and Technology disciplines, with a mixture of Art and Humanities from Bachelors to Master and to PHD levels. For Sociology seekers, this is restricted to BS only.

4. Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

Some institutes are focused on a specific area thus having priority focus on the basis of that particular field. Similarly, NUST focuses primarily on cadets learning.

IST or Institute of Space Technology in Rawat Islamabad Pakistan was erected in 2002 to launch special related education in Pakistan. Since then, the university has crossed the boundaries of research in the field of Science and Technology and is now on the award list of higher education commission and is ranked as the 4th. Apart from conventional Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, this institute focuses mainly on Aerospace, Aeronautics, and Astronautics along with Astronomical studies.

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We believe that advancements in space and satellite technologies of Pakistan can be achieved through this organization. Testing criterion is quite similar to NUST. Like the other ones, this university also adds a taste of Arts and Humanities alongside Social Sciences and Business. So for those who are aspiring to become an astronaut this can be a good choice however it is subjected to the availability of resources of the country.

5. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Here comes an eminent institute, a name that is frequently on students’ lips. There are huge cohorts of students booking for UET of Lahore, since it is pioneered in the engineering field in Pakistan. This institute is highly praised for its ranking in Asia. As per the HEC’s slab, this institution achieved the 5th position with in research and publication respectively.

This prestigious institution offers a classic co-education environment in almost all major engineering disciplines. In fact, this institute similarly covers more than any other disciplines. The stone of its foundation was laid in 1962; however some believe that it has a history that dated back in 1921.

Hence having such a long legacy, it is normal for such king of institute to have all the accessible requisite expertise to excel. Coming to its candidates’ selection procedures; to be a part of UET, the candidate has to pass a robust entry assessment conducted duly at one of the campuses.

The other factors involve the cumulative marks achieved in matrix and F.Sc, Pre-Engineering and similarly A/O levels by the candidates. The Mechanical and Civil Engineering of UET are considered as the pride of Lahore.


After considering all the features and facts of the above mentioned universities it is very evident that the soil of Pakistan is rich in historical parameters in terms of knowledge, skill and diverse cultures and ultimately has proven have an excellent higher education growth environment.

Pakistan bears an ample scope in the field of Engineering and Technology. All the universities which we have conferred above possess almost equivalent and similar status. However, the ranking which is a volatile thing may changes due to increment or decrement in the research and publications.

Last but not least, those prestigious institutes are well equipped with faculties and laboratories, which encompass theory in terms of knowledge and skills for practical are which are delivered to students at a very high standard.