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Top 5 Beautiful Islamic Websites about Quran and Hadith Audio Video

Top 5 Beautiful Islamic Websites about Quran and Hadith Audio Video
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Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions that is slowly and steadily entering Europe and other continents. According to recent research, Islam will become the most adopted religion in 2070 across the world. Every Non-Muslim who tries to do research will finally have reverted to it. The reason behind this is that it provides a complete code of conduct of life. There is a rule for everything that is happening in the daily life of every person.

Islam means peace and therefore, connecting ISLAM with terror is not correct. ISLAM teaches its followers to do every step that should fulfill the peace rules.

Top 5 Beautiful Islamic Websites

When there are a lot of websites on the internet that are providing knowledge about different religions, a lot of sites are there that are associated with ISLAM. Such top sites are listed below here.


This website is specially made for non-Muslims that provide full knowledge of ISLAM, the reason why to revert to ISLAM, speeches of such Muslim scholars that helped people to revert to Islam. Also, there is a section for Muslims to learn new Hadiths and knowledge of the Quran.



This website covers audio and video speeches of different Islamic scholars. The topics covered under this website are Quraniyat, Hadith, Sirat Rasool, current issues, Imaneat, Fadilo Munaqib, and Tehrekat, etc.

deen islam


Do you want to get Islamic widget like 99 names of Allah, Islamic calendar, Khana Kaba Qutab numa, etc? All these widgets are available on this website. Also, widget code is provided so that you can use this widget code on your site and show those widgets.


Conversion to Islamic/Christian Calendar

Do you want to convert an Islamic date to Christian or vice versa? All this possible by entering your date in the boxes and click on convert to Islamic calendar or covert to Christian calendar.



This is basically a video sharing website that only contains the Islamic videos. You can find all type of Islamic videos from here like;

  • Documentaries and Movies
  • Advice
  • Entertain and Nasheed
  • Fundamentals
  • New Muslim stories
  • Question and Answers
  • Worship and purification

islamic tube