Top 30 Benefits of Studying from Virtual University – Students Survey

Top 30 Benefits of Studying from Virtual University – Students Survey
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In 2014, I visited a Virtual University of Pakistan Campus in Talagang and took information about virtual university admissions about the MCS program from there. My thinking at that time was that it was very tough to study from VU so I left over my plan to do MCS. After wasting my 3 years, I felt that I was wrong to neglect VU for not studying. So I have taken admission in 2018 and now I am doing MCS very happily with a CGPA of 3.65 after completing 2nd semester.

Today, I am very happy while studying here and suggest all the students must join VU for your studies as there are plenty of benefits for studying from here. Especially I like the virtual university study procedure.

I conducted a survey recently on Social Media and asked about the advantages of studying from the virtual university of Pakistan and people taken part in it to suggest some top of the benefits. Following 35 students taken part in this survey.

Aman Fatima, Danial Khan, Jami Shah, Bilal Ishfaq, Mudassar Tahir, Usman Sakraan Khan, Umme Kalsoom, Waleed M Naeem, Naveed Ahmed Anjum, Sidra Rajpoot, Muhammad Haroon, Salman Akbar, Unique Fatima, Sajda Rez, Qaiser Mehmood, Hājřä Mêhmööd, Shahzad Khan, Muhammad Imran, Nazar Hanif, Seema Sarwat, Ebby Ebby, Rafy Ali, Rj Ali, Mah e Roo, Paradise Dress, بلتی راجہ, Hafsa Sultan, Qaisar Khan, Nida Ashraf, Hope Smiley, Mahnoor Areesha, Hareem Rana, Ariha Javed, Fateh Muhammad Raja, Aj Mughal

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Top 30 Benefits of Studying from Virtual University

  1. Part-Time Study Opportunity: We can do part-time study from VU by taking admission to different programs. Therefore it is best for those who are doing private or government jobs somewhere or doing their business. VU is a university for those students who are working full-time or part-time and couldn’t go to regular college/universities for higher education. They giving this facility to the students with having a busy routine. It is like Education at your doorstep.
  2. No Fear of Teacher: We have no fear of teachers for their corporal punishment or any type of punishment. No need to do TC of the teacher to get good grades. Unlike the educational culture of Regular Universities, where teachers and professors know the behavior of students and their policy of grading is based on the relation with the student and his/her behavior with the teacher. In VU, no teacher or professor personally knows any student. So, all the communication between student and teacher is educational only and the grading scheme is based on the performance of the student not on the basis of his character and behavior in the classroom.
  3. No Need to Attend Physical Classes: We don’t need to go to the university and attend full of hassle classes. Of course, no tension to do dressing on at a daily basis.
  4. Relaxed Date Sheet: We can make our date sheet according to our desired schedule.  We can give all our 4-5 papers on one day or divide it in 15 days. Similarly, we can set papers with 2 holidays,3 holidays or without any holiday. Manageable dates sheet and rearrange papers.
  5. Virtual University Admission Fee and Semester Fee: Fee is very less as compared to other reputed universities. Like COMSATS Fee per semester in 80000 while VU fee per semester is just 21000. Students, living abroad but have to start earning early to support their families can also avail their educational services at low cost as compared to universities abroad. Those Universities especially regular ones have high tuition fees 1k+ dollars per semester and a working student cannot afford to attend those regular Universities with high tuition costs. Even a person who is not financially in a position to take admission to the popular universities of the time can manage his/her budget in VU for the sake of studies/interest. Some students said the fee criteria of VU are really much costly but I think relative to other expenses except fees, other universities have many other dues that they reveal from time to time.
  6. Edge for Overage Students: Overage students can get a university degree. There is no age limit here.
  7. Federal Degree: Students belonging to any province will get the degree of Federal Government.
  8. No Hostel Tension: You can study from home, so you have no tension in Hostel living. Like washing clothes, cooking foods or eating from a hotel, etc.
  9. Modern Way of Learning: It is a totally modern way of learning. You take lectures, solve assignments, quizzes, and paper online. It’s different from traditional universities. The mode of education is modern and transferred online. These days most of the European country’s universities are also following the same model of education. It also makes us familiar with the technology that is going to be the main tool of the future… Internet, searching, using computers for meaningful purposes.
  10. No Need to Travel at long distances: You don’t need to travel a lot in summer or winter tough weather. You stay and home and just focus on your studies. Some religious minded families who never allow their daughters to go to universities for co-education, this platform is a blessing for them to continue their study not even in art group but in science too.
  11. Beneficial for Housewives: Also, VU is providing easy to manage courses for housewives and those girls who want to complete their higher education but cannot afford to leave home and use some means of commute to and from universities. Especially housewives, can take a part in any of the programs of their interest and can study as per their convenience along with their daily busy routine at home.
  12. HEC Recognized University: VU is a Government University and Recognized from HEC. All their degrees are known and accepted all over Pakistan and even in abroad.
  13. Increase Self Learning Capability: Because it has a long-distance mode of education. Many employers especially in abroad quickly recognize the degree holder of VU. because they can see the capabilities of a student who is already a self-learner and knows that he can further learn and grow in his career on his own. Their method of teaching makes us able to apply knowledge in our daily lives.
  14. Full Support and Service: There are different communication channels between students and Alumni of the Uni. one can ask and make certain queries using different optional platforms. Such as E-mail, Group Discussion Board or by weekly live session. University has very Responsive staff
  15. Study Material Easily Available: There are different communication channels between students and Alumni of the Uni. one can ask and make certain queries using different optional platforms. Such as E-mail, Group Discussion Board, or by weekly live session.
  16. Hundred Of Virtual Campuses: There are hundreds of virtual campuses all around the country. Most of the campuses are small but one can easily find a nearby campus to his home. There are several educational activities that happen on each campus weekly from which a student can avail of some extra benefits too.
  17. The habit of Self Study: Studying from VU helps the students to adopt the habit of self-study. Their interest in self-learning increases. As most of the time, students live on the internet, they do a lot of research. It helps to create the habit of self-work.  It also enhances the creativity of students by giving them the freedom to do self-writing. As well as it promotes the self-observing methods against the mugging-up system.
  18. Increase social activities on the Internet: VU students take part in different discussions on Facebook and social media so the people become more social and their relations develop with others. It helps in Combine study on Facebook.
  19. To the point Study: There are handouts available which matches with video lectures. So, it proves to be very to the point and easy for students. This type of study is time-saving and helps in time budgeting.
  20. Best Grading System: Grading system of VU is very efficient. There are quizzes, assignments, GDBz, midterm, and final terms to get grades. To get the best grades, you can try Final term past papers by Moazz and Waqar Siddhu.
  21. Best LMS: There is the best Graphical User Interface GUI for students and teachers. This interface is easy to adopt for both teachers and students.
  22. No Extra activities just study: You don’ need to attend the workshops or any other such things.
  23. Conceptual learning, not Ratta: When students do self-study, it helps to clear his concepts which discourage ratta system. It not only gives u the theoretical education but the actual purpose is to let students seek concepts and make their own ideas. MCQs based exams promote learning rather than ratification.
  24. Performance-based assessment: What you do, it comes to you in the form of a result. No favoritism and no biased marking system. Fair checking free from any nepotism, you will get your grades according to what you do, always!
  25. Good grades in less preparation: If you have not studied the whole semester, you can prepare just past papers and can get good grades. Similarly while attempting a quiz, you can get help from the internet.
  26. Makes Students Punctual: The schedule is followed strictly which is helpful in making the students punctual.
  27. 24 Hours Learning: There is no limit on learning your coursework. Go online at any time and start learning.
  28. No Surprize test and Assignments: All the course-related things are scheduled. No need to worry about surprise tests and assignments. All things are according to the timetable, can repeat lectures no need to prepare notes, best for any type of student. Can repeat paper if not given on time.
  29. Best Faculty: VU has the best facility. Most of the professors and lecturers are PHP and Mphil and they belong to reputed institutions like Quaid Azam University, NUML, etc.
  30. Increase typing speed and computer skills: While you prepare assignments, quizzes, and sessional on the computer, so your typing speed and other computer skills improve automatically.
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Dear Readers, these were the point that I extracted for you to feel the worth of Virtual University, if you think that any of the points is missing, you can contact me or comment below to add inside the post.

My next post will be about “Top 30 Disadvantages of Studying from VU”. Your views will be much appreciated for this topic also.