Top 25 Roles of Assistant Education Officers in Punjab Government School Department

Top 25 Roles of Assistant Education Officers in Punjab Government School Department
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Assistant Education Officers commonly known as AEOs has the scale BPS 16 and have the role to analyze and monitor government schools’ and improve their performance. Before 2017, there were only a few AEOs in a district and each had to monitor around 50 to 60 schools but in 2017 Punjab Government employed a lot of AEOs and now each handles around 10 to 15 schools in his area. The collection of these schools is called Markaz and AEO has to do routine supervision and management in it.

AEOs are assigned primary schools of his area but sometimes Dy DEO assigns him to visit elementary schools as well. NO one but AEO has the authority to sanction the causal leaves to primary school’s teachers. An AEO is judged on the performance of his/her Markaz across a combination of access and quality indicators.

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Given below a deep analysis of roles and responsibilities of Assistant Education Officers in Punjab Government Schools department;

Roles of Assistant Education Officers in Punjab School Department

  1. Ensure that Classwork and homework are being assigned.
  2. Ensure fair conduct of school examinations.
  3. Suggest methods to improve overall academic performance.
  4. Identify areas of weakness in teaching and recommend weak performing teachers to district training and support center.
  5. Ensure quality education is being delivered.
  6. Take ownership of the results of students in his Markaz in all formal assessments.
  7. Ensure progress reports are being given to students on a regular basis.
  8. Implement SED initiatives on the field.
  9. Maintain administrative and financial records.
  10. Community mobilization for school improvement and ensure the school’s councils’ meetings at least once every month.
  11. Improve functionality of schools in their Markaz.
  12. Provide support in conducting the PEC exam.
  13. Provide support in conducting Markaz and district-level competition of quizzes, debates, and tests.
  14. Regulate teacher attendance and STR.
  15. Encourage the use of textbooks and teaches guides.
  16. Aim for 100% enrollment and retention of 5 to 9 old child in Markaz.
  17. Make the school atmosphere child friendly and conducive to learning.
  18. Visit schools in Markaz regularly and conduct activities outlined in the logbook.
  19. Assess the performance of teaching and non-teaching staff and recommend action.
  20. Organize co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  21. Support the headteacher in maintaining the school’s records.
  22. Mentor headteacher for preparation of the annual non-development budget.
  23. Check the functionality and functioning of ECE rooms including but not limited to the availability of ECE inventory and teaching plan of ECE room.
  24. Audit accounts FTF, NSB, salaries, and stocks of schools to control the occurrence of irregularities.
  25. Manage all service-related matters such s service record and PERs.

Written by: Jawad Tahir

Research by: Sir Ali Imran Sb

Powers of AEO

  1. AEO is authorized to surrender any of the teaching or non-teaching staff members from the Markaz on their unsatisfactory performance or conduct to the respective transferring authority.
  2. AEO while exercising the powers shall serve notice to the staff members and give them a personal hearing before issuing the orders regarding the surrender of their services.
  3. The officer holding additional charge may also exercise this power provided
  4. Transferring Authority shall adjust the surrendered incumbent in some other Markaz. AEO cannot review his order nor can higher authority compel him to take him back.
  5. AEO shall also submit the charge sheet against the surrendered staff members for initiating inquiry under PEEDA Act, 2006 to the concerned authority along with surrendering letter. The appointing authority shall initiate regular inquiry under PEEDA Act 2006 against surrendered teacher(s) / employee(s).

What to Do if you are Selected as AEO and you are In-service?

If you are already serving in Punjab School Education Department and now have been selected as AEO through NTS Test, then note the following information;

  1. If you are serving as ESE/SESE on a contract basis, you will be appointed/ selected as SSE/ AEO on Contract mode like Fresh candidates.
  2. If you are serving as PST/EST on regular basis, you will be appointed/ selected as SSE/ AEO on a contract basis. However, your previous payment will be protected which means your payment will be fixed on the next higher stage in BPS 16 if your current pay in BPS 9 or BPS 14 exceeds the initial stage of BPS 16. Moreover, the deduction of Group Insurance and Benevolent Fund will also be made according to your current PayScale.
  3. If you are serving as SSE/SST, then under rule you must be appointed as AEO through transfer on the Pay and PayScale, already being availed by you. However, it is to be clarified by the department for which we have submitted the application.
  4. Inspection Allowance Rs. 25000 will be paid to you in addition to Pay and regular allowances.
  5. If you are serving on a regular basis on BPS 16 then you should continue your previous service because it is a contractual job and your previous service will be lost because you have to sign a new contract. If you are serving on a contract basis or on a lower scale, then you should join this job.

Old vs New AEOs

Don’t compare NTS selected AEOs with old ones. The posts of AEOs will be of a high standard in the future. An AEO will ensure Quality Education in his/ her 10-12 schools. He/ She will be the Controlling authority of 40-50 Primary Teachers. It is also expected that he/ she will also monitor ESTs working in high/ elementary schools of his/ her Markaz. So all the passed brothers and sisters must join as AEO.

Is AEO Job Suits Girls?

If you are female and want to join AEOship then it will be most tough for you. There will no Sunday and Saturday Off. You can be called for meetings by CEO, Dy DEO, and DEO office. There may be late hour meetings like start from 4 PM and end at 8 PM. To visit any school, you have to keep a family person with you like a brother, father as it is not like that you will go all alone on a bike like male AEOs.

Is AEO job Suit Boys

AEO job is not tough for boys. If you are getting a chance, you should avail of it. There is no job timing and when you are on school visits, you can perform your daily tasks as well. Just keep your mobile on. The meeting will be from 4 to 10 in a month. Keep good relations with Monitoring (MEA) and then you will enjoy it.

Can AEO transfer its Post into SST?

Yes, it is possible to become an SST at any time after joining AEOship. Just you have to use some power and authority to do it.