Top 13 Major Causes of Dropout in Schools

Top 13 Major Causes of Dropout in Schools
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Dropout and Retention have now become a hot topic in all schools across Pakistan and especially in the Punjab Education Department. Punjab Government has now ordered the school heads to retain the 100% retention with 0% drop out. The government is imposing fines and other penalties on such headmasters that found failed on this criterion.

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Top 13 Major Causes of Dropout in Schools

In today’s post, we will try to find out the Major Causes of Dropout in Schools;

1.      Staff Deficiency

When there is staff shortage e.g. 1 teaches is controlling 3 to 4 classes having 20 to 30 students or even some cases single teacher school. Then dropout is expected heavily.

2.      Fewer Facilities

If there are fewer facilities in schools like no water, no washroom, no furniture, no classrooms then people will not be interested to retain their children’s in that school.

3.      Punishment

If teachers give heavy punishment in school, then children will be afraid to come in schools and at last, they leave finally.

4.      Lack of Awareness

If parents of the children are not well aware of the facilities provided in the schools, they will be attracted to private schools and thus will take their kids.

5.      Bad Infrastructure

If the infrastructure of the school is not good, there is no boundary wall or the rooms are dangerous according to safety rules, then people will be afraid to send their children to such schools.

6.      Less Attraction

If there is less attraction in schools like no banners, cleanliness, paintings, kid’s rooms, and other facilities, then people don’t want their children to go to such schools.

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7.      Poor Economic Condition of Parents

If parents are too poor, they tend to send their children to some work so that they can support them in their financial matters.

8.      Child Labor

If there are availabilities of such places where children can go and earn, then there will be heavy dropouts and child labor will be high.

9.      Incompetent Teachers

If teachers are not well-groomed, educated, and talented, dropout will be high. For example, the teachers are matric pass and they have not updated their skills then there will be many issues of it.

10. Non-Friendly Class Room Environment

If the environment of the classroom is not suitable for learning e.g. teachers abuse the children and treat them ill mannerly, then heavy drop our expected.

11. Low Quality of Education

If the quality of education is low in a government school and nearby schools are providing better quality, then drop out is expected.

12. Lack of Proper Administration Oblique Suppression

If the administration of schools is not good e.g. the principal himself is a poor administrator, then surely it will cause drop out.

13. Long Distance of School

If school is too far from the children’s home e.g. 10 to 20km, they can leave the school and get admission to a nearly situated school.

Research by: Respected Master Trainer Ali Imran Sb

Written by: Jawad Tahir