Top 11 Tips to Teach Good Habits to your Kids

Top 11 Tips to Teach Good Habits to your Kids
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Ahmad is one of my friend who has two kids named Ali and Sana. Both are very cute and beautiful. Ali is of the age of 5 years while Sana is 4 years old. Whenever I go to their home I wish to love and kiss them. But unfortunately, I can’t do that.

You are probably thinking that why I can’t do that? Yes, some issues exist and that is ill-mannered behavior of those kids. They are very rude and impolite and there they even don’t know the etiquettes on how to deal with an elder person. Following are some of the ill manners of them;

  • They always quarrel with each other.
  • They tease other children and when as a result of someone even touches them they start weeping loudly.
  • They don’t want to go to school.
  • They treat their father, mother, grandpa, and Grandma rudely.
  • They don’t respect the guests.
  • They call the bad names of others.

These are some of the issues that exist in them that make them bad kids of the world. The reason behind is that their parent excessively loves them and ignores their bad behavior.

Top 11 Tips to Teach Good Habits to your Kids

I think this is the story of most people so let us try to provide some solution here. So here are Top 11 Tips to Teach Good Habits to your Kids;

  1. Be a model for your kids. They follow you in every respect. If you do good things, kids will also try to do good things.
  2. Tell your child the good manners in writing and in the wording also. Try to teach them these manners by fun and play method.
  3. Teach the manners to your kids in your home and then take them into public so that they can practice those manners publically.
  4. Teach them the manner words such as May I, thank you, sorry, etc.
  5. Praise your child when he tries to do good things.
  6. Teach them the importance of respecting other people’s feelings and needs.
  7. Set social goals for your kids and help them to achieve those goals.
  8. Teach manners according to his age. Don’t enforce a manner that should be for a kid having more age.
  9. If your kid does something wrong then don’t shout on him publicly. Stop him softly and speak to him privately.
  10. Try to speak with manners so that your kid can adopt speaking manners as well.
  11. Teach your children to judge a person by their character and not their race, gender, religion, or nationality.
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