Tips for Parents Struggling With Children Addicted to Computer Games

Tips for Parents Struggling With Children Addicted to Computer Games
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In this modern world, almost all children play video games or computer games. More than 905 of children play games not only children youngsters also use to play games. But mainly children are addicted to it. In olden day Kids use to play with their friends in a garden or in the park.

Mothers always worried about their health when they play outside in the sunlight. But now parents are more worried about their children when he or she is not going outside to play. They lost complete touch with nature and their surroundings. Now they are mostly interested to play games in Pc or in the computer. They are fascinated by new technology and new electronic entertainments.

Some parents feel relaxed when their child sits in one place and play games without irritating them. But you are aware of its side effects on them. It will really lead to health and mental problems. They should play but it’s should not be their priority. After giving importance to other works you can let them play but with some time limit. Computer games should not control your children. They will feel happy to play computer games for hours. You don’t try to cut video games out of your child’s life instead of that put some boundaries for it.

Keep computer out of your child’s bedroom

Generally, when you buy a new computer your child will ask or request you to place it in his bedroom. And he will say it will be useful for his academic purpose and as a parent you will do like that. But never place the computer in child’s bedroom. At first, he will use it for academic purpose but then naturally he will use it for his entertainment. Place the computer where you can monitor your child’s activity. It’s the very first step that every parent should take.

Keep a time limit

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Children feel very happy to play a computer game for hours. As a busy parent, you will feel relaxed if your child doesn’t irritate you. But you have to know that playing the computer game for hours will affect your child’s health. So for that, you have to keep a time limit.

One hour per day or completely ban computer games during the school weeks and give permission to play only on the weekend’s etc. When you show some restriction child automatically comes to know that mother is observing or caring. Healthcare professionals suggest that children should not play computer games more than two hours. It will affect his brain and health. So this tip you should accept.

Involve your child in sports activity

When your child plays games for hours it will result in some health problems and abnormal behaviour’s so encouraging your child to participate in some sports activities. It will help your child to get more active. Always encourage them to do new activities which will make them happy and keep them busy. Activities like riding bicycle, swimming, playing outside with friends, and reading, dancing, singing etc also, encourage them to participate in social activities organized by your locality club. Community youth programs etc.

Give important to family time

The child moves to computer games when he feels bored or no one paying attention to him. Make him feel happy and involve him in family time. When parents are busy on their cell phones or with their friend’s child feels alone and naturally, he will entertain himself by using a computer. Then automatically he gets addicted to it. Never force them to do activities which they don’t want to do it will create frustration in their mind.

Ask him to help you with some kitchen work or in serving food. Make them feel that they too are important to your family. Take their opinions into account. Never avoid them. Go with them for a walk or meet their friends talk to them. Sometimes you can also behave like them. Talk with them in certain topics. They will have lots of new thoughts and new thinking or some questions in their mind. When you give importance to their talk they will open up and they will feel comfortable. Then they will value your suggestion and understand your thoughts.

Create rules

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It will hear like a dictatorship but it’s needed. You have to create or establish certain rules. Before that make them understand the consequence of over using a computer. Sit with them and talk with them about its side effects. Never completely ban using the computer it will be too hard for them. You can understand them with polite words. Never use harsh words to them.

These are some tips which you can use to reduce the usage of the computer. When they continuously use the computer for entertainment it will reduce human interaction and behavioural changes will be shown. So always observe your child.

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