Tips for New Educators to Survive in Schools

Tips for New Educators to Survive in Schools
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The recruitment process is almost complete in all the 36 Districts of Punjab and the 2nd phase of recruitment is also started. New teachers have got the 1-month induction training and they have joined the school. Those who are getting their orders in the 2nd phase will pass through the training session in the next inducting level training that will be held in after the next recruitment.

During the training, master trainers have just delivered that conditions are ideal and you can implement the training guidelines in schools but the fact is somehow different. The old teachers are a big hindrance to applying the new strategies in schools like for example activity-based teaching. Therefore, survival for a new teacher is too tough in such conditions when all the old teachers are on one side, and a new educator is on the other side.

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Our religion Islam teaches us to be moderate in our behavior and etiquette so the new teachers should follow this. Being an experienced educator, I am giving some tips to new fellows that will surely help them to become successful in their respective schools. So, given here some Tips for New Educators to Survive in Schools

Tips for New Educators to Survive in Schools

  1. Don’t join any group of teachers i.e. no grouping.
  2. With all the teachers and principals, you should have good relations i.e. ache Salam Dua.
  3. Observe the behavior of all staff for 1 or 2 months and don’t try to do friendship without proper judgment.
  4. Just make only one friend that you be reasonable.
  5. Respect the student and get respect from them in return.
  6. Teach the students with sincerity
  7. If the principal is assigning you some office work, don’t hesitate to get it. Take it as a way to learn new things.
  8. Boss is always boss so don’t take any step on your own. Discuss with the principal in this case.
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Note: Condition may be different in different districts so adapt these tips at your own risk.

Written by: Jawad Tahir