STI Jobs 2021 Step by Step Guide to Apply

STI Jobs 2021 Step by Step Guide to Apply
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The Government of Punjab in Pakistan is offering a great initiative for the project of School Teaching Internships 2021- 2022 keeping in view the consistently increasing demand for teachers within the government schools of Punjab to cater for diverse and inclusive cohorts of students’ needs. The time frame for the above-mentioned School Teacher Interns specified by the government of Punjab is for about 9 Months including paid standard salary to the prospective teachers who will be appointed to the teaching posts declared by the School Teacher Internees (STI).
STI Jobs Advertisement
The number of vacancies allocated for phase 1 of the named project is estimated at more than 6868 as per the demand and requirement of teachers within the Punjab government’s school. The same program is based relevantly on the Punjab College teaching interns (CTI) program,  Ultimately the (GOP) has decided to take an initiative in hiring School Teacher Interns (STIs) on a temporary basis.

How to Apply for STI Jobs 2021

The final date to apply for the STI program is 25 July 2021.

Vacant Seat Details for STI Jobs 2021

The candidates are requested to apply within the deadline via Online Teacher Recruitment System (OTRS). The advertisement for the program will be launched on the 1st of July 2021 along with the final Fempro Cipla cycles submission due to date 15th July 2021, a pre-interview merit list will be launched on 19th July 2021, interviews will be conducted from 28th July to 3rd of August 2021.
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Following this will be the final merit list for the selected candidates and will be launched as from the 23rd of July till the 4th of August 2021 and eventually the for the final selection, internship letters will be despatched to the selected suitable candidates on the 5th of August till the 11th August 2021.
In regards to the financial support towards the teachers for their teaching services within the Punjab government’s schools, it has been decided by the (Governmental of Punjab) to offer the monthly stipend towards teachers ranging from (18000 to 30000 PKR) as per the academic level of teaching from primary to higher secondary for the period of 6 months respectively.
The summary of the program has been submitted to the Chief Minister of Punjab by the department for approval with an initial proposal of hiring more than 20,000 teachers from Punjab for higher Secondary schools. Subsequently, 6868 STIs teaching positions will be filled up in schools in response to phase 1 of the project.
Suitable candidates meeting the eligibility criteria based on qualifications will be able to apply for the STI program for the jobs officially offered by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan for the initial vacancies of 3,000 school teachings via the Online Teacher Recruitment System (OTRS) launched by the government of Punjab.
In fact, the launch of phase 1 of the same program based on the initial basis will be practically implemented within 6 districts of Punjab which are Gujranwala, Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, and Sialkot in response to Primary School Teacher PST, Elementary School Teacher EST, and Secondary School teacher SST.
The entire project of STI is based on 6 phases in total with a scope to expand the STI project across Punjab by School Education Department.

STI Jobs 2021 Summary

The following is the major summary of the STI Program of the Punjab government of Pakistan.
  •  A monthly stipend ranging from 18000 to 30000 PKR.
  •  The total period of internship for the same project is of six months.
  •  The estimated total number of vacancies is more than 6868 within the six districts of Punjab in phase 1.
  •  STI Project of Punjab government offers an equal opportunity both for males and females equally.
  •  Upon final selection, teachers will be appointed within their respective districts.

School Teacher Internees (STI) Procedure

As per the procedural structure of STI teachers, the heads of schools will declare the announcement at schools meetings, and in addition to that, they will receive the nominations in terms of the recruitment committee as per the prescribed structure.
The following structural components will be addressed in terms of STI program procedural criteria.
  •  Head Teacher
  •  Co-chairman of School Council
  •  Parent, General & Teacher Member

Academic Criteria for STI Teachers

The following are the academic qualification criteria in order to be eligible for the STI program.
  •  Matriculation with the minimum of 2nd Division for Primary Teacher.
  •  Intermediate the minimum of 2nd Division for Elementary Teacher.
  •  Graduate (BA/BS/BSc) for Secondary and Higher Secondary School teacher.

Age Eligibility Criteria for STI Staff

  •  The minimum age limit for a Male Teacher for an STI program is of 20 years and the maximum age limit is of 50 years.
  •  The minimum age limit for Female teachers within the STI program is of 20 years to a maximum of 55 years of age.

The financial structure of the STI Program

The next step is the financial structure designed by the government of Punjab, Pakistan in terms of financial support to the appointed teachers.
  •  For Primary School Teachers, the stipend value ranges from 18000 PKR per month or 720 PKR per day.
  •  For Elementary School Teacher, the stipend value ranges from 20,000 PKR per month or 800 PKR per day.
  •  For Secondary School Teachers, the stipend value ranges from 25,000 PKR per month or 1000 PKR per day.
  • For Higher Secondary school teachers, the stipend value reaches 30,000 PKR per month or 1200 PKR per day.
Last but not least, In addition to that, OTRS will also generate a new merit list in case of rejection or decline of any candidates or in case of the launch of new vacancies.
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