Standing Out on Social Media with Animated Videos

Standing Out on Social Media with Animated Videos
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Most of us have come across videos that get automatically played on the News Feed. The content of these videos vary from facts, information or simply entertainment. Every day we watch innumerable videos on our social media accounts but do you know that social media can be a potent platform for promotion of products/services?  Read this article to know how one can stand out on the social media through videos.

The most effective and cheaper way to promote your product or service on the social media is via animated videos.  These video are highly cost-effective i.e. these involve lesser production costs as compared to a film-shot or live videos.  Besides being cheaper, videos have beautiful audio-visuals that capture the audience’s attention and make them curious about the service or product being offered.

Animated videos combine three social media factors i.e. emotional, auditory and visual. When the audience watches and listens to an animated video, it evokes emotions in them. They might get inclined to purchase your product/service or have more information about it.  It is also seen that human mind retains visual imagery 60,000 times faster than a written text. Almost 90 % of the information received in human brain is imagery. These videos present quality content in mesmerizing visuals. Therefore, it is very likely that animated videos prove to be a highly reliable tool for business promotion.

Such videos are short and can be watched in less span of time. Also, animated videos can be customized as per the requirements of the clientele. You can include personal data and other such content according to the needs of your business.  It is seen that adding a personal touch to the videos attracts audience and earns you a web family. Animated videos are very simplified in content. Animation lightens the complexity of the text and makes it easily understandable.

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Yet another advantage of creating animated videos is that these videos can be shared on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Majority of the marketers opine that animated videos are an effective way of branding.

Thus, there’re infinite opportunities with animated videos. You can enjoy plenty of benefits by investing in animated videos. It gives you wider audience through increased online engagement and website traffic.  Animated videos are, by far, considered to be the most effective and persuasive medium for social media outreach. It can surely give you a higher rank on the social media.

Standing Out on Social Media with Animated Videos - Top IT World

Author Bio:-  Prismart works on 3d Modeling, short movies, Animated TV/Web series