How Social Media Helped in Improving the Communication of Upcoming Kids?

How Social Media Helped in Improving the Communication of Upcoming Kids?
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Social media has become an integral part of our life. We can’t exist without social media. It has a great influence in our life. It includes FACEBOOK, mail, Instagram, Twitter through people use to communicate and share their emotions and thoughts. Social media is one of the most widespread and general ways of communication. It was growing rapidly and people are addicted to it. Research has found that 90% of people are using social media and liking its usage. We can see the presence of social media in every and each fields. It changed everyone’s life. Its effects are different to different persons. It’s true that it has the negative effect on children and adults. But if it is used in a proper way we can say that it’s the best invention that technology has made ever.

Social media helped people made it possible to communicate with people who are far away from their family and friends. The distance never affected the people’s relationship because they are always connected through the social media. In the past, people used to write letters and sent emails to their loved ones. But the communication was slow and not constant one. But by the invention of different kinds of social media people are able to connect with their loved ones whenever and where ever they need. Social media is all about connecting with people from different sources. Social media is about communication with the people and building and developing the relationship. In olden day’s people suffered mental illness because of the pain they felt when they are not able to connect with their loved ones who are in distance place. Research shows that social media really helped to depressed people. When everyone is busy in their professional life some people felt lonely and felt like isolated in such cases social helped them to interact with new friends and share their feelings and emotions without any obstacles. But at the same time, it has the negative effect too. Sometimes people get addicted to social media sources which may lead to mental instability. So everything has its own limit and one should not cross any boundaries and limitations.

It builds a strong relationship between teenagers. It really helps you to live a stress-free life, new learning and builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Social media helped us to develop our communicative skills and the way we express our feelings and thoughts. It gave us a platform to express our thoughts and ideas. A social network has become the innermost facilitators for everyday communication among friend’s family and in professionals. Our youngsters use Social Media not only for entertainments, chatting, or for socializing but also for the expression of feelings and viewpoints on public matters. Our world has digitalized and following the path of modernization. Our young and new generation also following the path of modernization. More and more youngsters and new generations are involving in social media networks. They got the freedom of expressions. Not only new generation now our old generation people are also trying to adopt the new techniques and the new network of social media. Everyone is learning to connect network and to have a face to face communication with others.

As I said everything has its own positive and negative version. Social media makes our life more interesting exciting but at the same time, we should use it 24 hours. Never avoid those who are close to you. Use social media but never take too seriously. The social network brought a new concept of communication. This new concept and new media is accepted by everyone and everywhere. Our coming generation are so lucky that they have got all the facility and new techniques. This will make their life easy and comfort. Communication has become easy and comfort by the invention of social network.

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