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Technical SEO Optimization Strategies To Improve Ranking

Technical SEO Optimization Strategies To Improve Ranking
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One of the important objectives of most website owners is to get more organic traffic. When it comes to obtaining organic traffic, you need to follow certain SEO rules. Though it exists, various SEO optimizations help in improving your organic traffic; among which technical SEO tricks would be of great help.
We have discussed 5 technical SEO optimization strategies to improve organic rankings, traffic, and revenues in this blog.

Technical SEO Optimization Strategies To Improve Ranking

So, let’s discuss the top 5 Technical and On-page SEO checklist for faster ranking:

1. Develop a sitemap:

Google ranking depends on three main factors and content is one of the three factors. It is necessary to have a blog, which will help your content to get indexed in a quick time. An active blog depends upon insightful and qualitative content as well as authoritative links. All these factors help to enhance your rankings and thereby improves your organic traffic. Moreover, long-form blogs that are blogs with a word count of more than 1200 words rank higher and be ranked more frequently. To summarize, fresh content helps in better indexing. If you are publishing a lot of content, you need to optimize the sitemap. Develop a normal XML sitemap utilizing the below code:

Submit the code within Google Search Console. After uploading the sitemap, check for additional suggestions and errors offered by Google. Rectify them and frequently update the sitemap so as to include fresh pages.

2. Use structured and video data to enhance CTR and user experience

Google has recently started to test automatically playing video in the search results. It shows that Google has a strong interest in video content. Moreover, it also proved that Google calculates such metrics when ranking the sites in search results. Whatever the end-users prefer, it will definitely get a boost. As videos are more preferred by end-users than the text contents, Google has started to give importance to video content. It has been estimated that users of YouTube watch around 500 million hours of video content every day. One of the best and effective strategies is to have a combination of video and text-based content on websites to rank on search engine results.
Some of the good practices to follow while publishing video-based contents are as follows:
• Utilize how-to videos
• Develop a video sitemap
• Use descriptive keywords
• Allow search engines to index your video
• Inset a video transcript
Structured data also remains an important asset to improve organic traffic and enhance your CTR. It refers to values that assist the search engine index and categorize your content in creative methods for the end-user. Though there is no association between SEO improvement and those data, structured data helps in improving the visibility in search engine result pages. The coding assists search engines to get an idea of what the content is about. For instance, if you are dealing with the organization’s reviews, you need to get a rich extract in SERPs utilizing the Organization or Rating markup.

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After including the structured data, examine by utilizing the Structured Data Testing Tool. This way, there will not be any faults in the markup code.

3. Rectify 404 pages utilizing 301 redirect

Page not found or the 404 Error is the common error page that displays when some person asks for the page which is not present on your website. Make use of SEO crawlers such as OnCrawl so as to rectify the entire URLs redirected to 404 and export the list.

4. Optimize the content for RankBrain

One of the newest Google algorithm updates established since 1998 is RankBrain. It is an artificial intelligence system that has developed as a third-ranking factor. It helps in analyzing search results. It actually helps in learning about a page and how it is associated with the keywords people search for and display the most appropriate results. Moreover, RankBrain greatly impacts your keywords campaigns. As you define the keywords, you can look for associated terms that react to customer’s queries. It is how a successful and effective SEO strategy functions. If you are using keywords that your audience does not search or use, there are no changes to see success in your campaign. It is where RankBrain helps you.
The algorithm of RankBrain is learning and continuously developing. As an outcome, the SEO campaign should be more adaptable and mind thinking to changes happening in the search engine results page. Google always aims to offer users with web results that satisfy their search purposes. When you optimize online presence by providing relevant services and quality content, there are chances for your website to rank on top in Google search results. However, keyword stuffing is prohibited.

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Guidelines for determining symptoms for the main keyword:

• Determine keywords with appropriate meaning as the main keyword. It can be with different structure and spelling.
• Utilize natural-sounding words. Ensure that the new keyword does not override the principal keyword which you wish to rank. Remember, the new keywords are there to offer extra descriptions only.
• Make sure to use other keywords only when it is necessary and ensure the content flows as expected when the person reads.

5. Enhancing Hreflang tags

In most cases, Hreflang tags focus at cross-referencing pages that are alike in content but focus on different audiences as per their country or language. It makes sure that the correct pages and content will be displayed to the appropriate users when they search through the version you are aiming for.
Here is an example that explains how two hreflang tags focus French communicators in Canada and French communicators in France.
Both the tags would exist on both pages. It makes sure that the Canadians search on and find the page focusing Canadians and in the same way, French people search on identify the page focusing French.
It functions in the same way just like the canonical tag performs to display when the duplicate version of the page is present. However, in this case, Google indexes local content easier when it comes to local search engines. Moreover, it also assists to pass trust all over the sites and enhance the way Google indexes these pages.


We hope you find these five tips to give you new ideas about improving your organic search engine traffic. Ensure to share your practices and ideas in the form of comments below.

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