SEO Course by Jawad Tahir – Links of all Classes

SEO Course by Jawad Tahir – Links of all Classes
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Today I am going to start SEO course and I assure you that if you will follow these classes, you will be able to get huge traffic on your website. SEO plays an important role to rank a website in search engines. As there are Moderator, super moderator, and other ranks on a forum. Similarly, there are ranks for your website given by Google. It all depends on your hard work and smartness that you show for your website.

Let’s take the example of Mobile phone reviews on different websites. When you search for Qmobile Z7, Google will show a lot of websites related to the keyword. Check some links on the first page and then check some others on the 10th page. You will see that the sites on the 1st page and 10th page are providing similar information but why some sites are on the first page and why the others are on the 10th page. This all depends on the SEO strength of those websites.

Now if a website is proving the same information on the first page, then searches have no need to go the 10th page and get the information. Therefore, the websites on the first page will get more traffic as compared to the sites on other pages.

SEO Course by Jawad Tahir

Therefore, I have started this SEO course which is equally beneficial for beginners and experts. If you’re thinking to make a new website, you need to think that for which niche you have more knowledge and interest. Then check how much searches and completion for your selected niche. Don’t build a website on a topic for which you have poor information or the topic is not searched by people on the internet. For this, you need to check he searches for the topic from the Google Adword tool (SEO Class 3).

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Links of SEO Classes

Here I have listed the links of all my SEO classes;

SEO Class 1- What is SEO and Why we need it

SEO Class 2: What are Backlinks

SEO Class 3 – Importance of Keywords and How to Find them

SEO Class 4 – Metas and On-Page Settings of A Blog

SEO Class 5 – How to Make a Correct Website Structure

SEO Class 6 – On-Page Post Settings in Blog

SEO Class 7- Link Website with Google Webmaster – Sitemap Submission

SEO Class 8 – How to Do Directory Submission

SEO Class 9 – How to Use Social Media for your Website

SEO Class 10 – How to Fix Google Crawl Errors

SEO Class 11 – How to Do SEO Settings in WordPress Post