SEO Class 9 – How to Use Social Media for your Website

SEO Class 9 – How to Use Social Media for your Website
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Today we will discuss how you can use social media for the benefit of your website or blog. We all know that now a day, social media becomes the most popular in the world, and therefore it is the best source to get traffic on your website.

When you make a new website, you should create its following social media profile and pages;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Use Social Media for your Website

Majority of the people having an internet connection, use either of the social media platforms to get information or to get connected with their friends and family. These users can help you to bring a very huge traffic on your website. There are following advantages of using social media;

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  • Your links on a social media site will count as a strong backlink
  • These links show the user engagement of your site
  • Huge traffic referring to these sites
  • Easy access to share your message or service to the general public

What to do with your Social Media Profiles

Share all your articles, products, or services on your social media profiles so that your pages remain active all the time. Encourage the people to ask questions from you through social media. This is probably the best way to make relations with your customers or website visitors.

Share the latest news, updates, and articles of your niche so that people say you news breaker, for example, if you have an SEO related website, you should be the first one to inform your audience that Google has rolled out the panda or penguin update.

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Social Media Settings on your Blog

Show your social media profiles on your home page through social buttons. Most of the WordPress themes allow showing these follow buttons automatically but if these are not available, there are several plugins that allow you to do this task simply. As an example, go to our home page and see the social media follow buttons.

Moreover, you must have to show the sharing buttons on your website home page, post, pages, categories, etc. You can see these types of buttons on this blog also. The famous website that allows creating the share buttons on your website is www.sharethis.com. Also, there are multiple WordPress plugins that help you to do that.

social media buttonsHow to use Alt tags for Images

Although, this is a sub-topic it is most important to rank your images in search engines. In WordPress, when you upload an image in the post, it asks you to give title and alt text for these pictures. As most of the people don’t care about it, so you can rank your website on the base of your images.

al text for image