SEO Class 6 – On Page Post Settings in Blog

SEO Class 6 – On Page Post Settings in Blog
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When Google or some other search engine indexes your post/pages, then it look into category wise. I mean it will check post title, heading, sub headings and minor heading and then bring that post up that is well optimized according to the above criteria.

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Google and other search engines first check the post title. If it doesn’t finds the keywords searched by user, then it checks headings, sub heading and minor headings.

On Page Post Settings in Blog

Sometimes, when we search something on Google and the keyword is not available in the content but it will still show in the ranks because the keyword was found in headings.

So here are the different entities of a blog post;

Post Title

To get good traffic, you should make a good post title and always take care of needs of users. For example, if your blog offers a game or software, include the words like Download, Free download in title because most of the users search for free products on internet. In post title, also mention the software name, game version, and release date.


After post title, here come post headings. In post heading, only mention the name of software or game. For example, if you’re offering Photoshop CS5, then just write Photoshop CS5.

Minor Heading

Here, you can also add your top features i.e. sub features, system requirements, and download links.


Normal Text

All the other things other than title, heading, sub heading, and minor headings will be included here.

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Images and Videos

Add some text after the heading and then add video or image. Always add alt tag for images.

image alt tag

Some Important Things

  1. Don’t use the similar words for heading and sub headings. Made some changes to avoid stuffing of same words.
  2. Sub headings should be more than one but not more than four. However, you can use minor headings as much you need.
  3. Don’t copy paste data from other sites. If you are not enough capable of writing a post, then use the rewriter tool to avoid content duplication.