SEO Class 3 – Importance of Keywords and How to Find them

SEO Class 3 – Importance of Keywords and How to Find them
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In our previous classes, we learned about backlinks and SEO. Today we will learn about keywords, Importance of Keywords for your website, and how to find them.

Importance of Keywords

If we say that almost most of the traffic coming to our sites depends on our quality of keywords then it will be 100% true. The reason is that Google can only send traffic to a website when the user searches his desired query, find a suitable link, clicks it, and comes to that site.

For example, we have a website related to

  • Mobile Ring tones
  • Mobile Messages

If we think about just mobile ring tones, it contains a lot of keywords related to two types of categories

  • Ring tones formats (wav, mp3, mp4)
  • Ring tones regions(Pakistani, US, European, etc), types (funny, joy, thrilling, sad, hot, pop, etc.)

Similarly, if we look at mobile messages, there are different types of messages like;

  • Love Sms
  • Funny
  • Birthday
  • Eid
  • Holiday
  • Christmas

Although we know all these keywords after some brainstorming but we should have to know the actual value of each keyword that can be found through different keyword search tools given below;

How to Find Top Quality Keywords?

The method of finding top quality keywords is just simple. As this service is provided by Google free of cost in the form of Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

You have to do only 5 steps;

  1. Go to the link
  2. Login to your Google plus account that will redirect you to the keyword planner
  3. click on search new keywords…….
  4. Enter your general category or keyword e.g. SMS and click get ideas
  5. You will find a lot of related keywords with search count.
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\Step 4:


Keyword Planner

Step 5:

Keyword Planner SEO

Now, select the keywords with highest searches, place them in your site content, title, meta tags, meta description. You will find the information on metas setting and keyword placement in the next lesson.