SEO Class 2: What are Backlinks

SEO Class 2: What are Backlinks
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Today, I will tell you about backlinks, their role and importance in SEO, and how to get quality backlinks. You can read the first class what is SEO and course introduction here.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link or URL of your website that is present on some other site will act as one of your backlink. For example, I am writing this post name SEO Class 2, and I will do a comment on another site including the link to my post. Then the link on the third party site will act as one my backlink. Due to this backlink, I can get 2 advantages;

  1. When visitors from other sites click on my link, I will get traffic.
  2. When some traffic will come to me from some other site, Google will give rank to me.

Some Basic Methods of getting Backlinks

  1. Comment on a YouTube Video and give your link in that comment
  2. Comment on some posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Google Plus and give your website URL along with.
  3. Comment on some other blog or site


  • Don’t give excessive comments on a single site or blog, it will count in spam.
  • Don’t buy backlinks from anyone on the internet. Some frauds offer you 1000 backlinks in 2 to 3 dollars. Don’t take interest in such activities as finally such artificial methods of backlinks may lead to a constant ban from Google.

Benefits of Backlinks

  • Good Ranking and traffic
  • A big source of referral traffic(traffic coming from some other site)
  • Supports in getting Google AdSense

In our next class, we will study about Webmaster Tools, anchors, and tags.

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