SEO Class 11 – How to Do SEO Settings in WordPress Post

SEO Class 11 – How to Do SEO Settings in WordPress Post
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Google gives preference to those website owners who are using its own blogging platform. This is the reason that the posts of bloggers indexes in less time and help to get more traffic on site. Contrary to this, WordPress posts need more time to index as well as you have to do more efforts to get traffic on your WordPress website. This is the age of competition, so you can do the best SEO to compete with Google bloggers. So now you will learn How to Do SEO Settings in WordPress Post.

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How to Compete with Google Bloggers

First of all, you need to install SEO by Yoast plugin through your WordPress dashboard. You have no need to change the settings of this plugin but we will use it when we publish a post. Following are some guidelines while using this plugin;

Do SEO Settings in WordPress Post

When you will do a new post, click on the add post button. The first thing that you will have to set is the title. The title for it should be simple and having words length of 55 to 70 as in the case of lengthy titles, Google discards all the words above the limit of 70. Permalink should also be short because it does not affect your post.  Keep here in mind that Google will show the title that you will give in the SEO Yoast settings. The title that you will give at the top of the article is just a show for the readers and it doesn’t show In the search results. For example, I have set the title of length 55. When you give a title, it will automatically pick the slug for it but you can also edit to make it more understandable.

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  • When your post will be ready to publish, put the text in the post area, and do the settings like H1, H2, and other formatting. When it will be done, you will see the Snippets settings powered by SEO Yoast below the post area. Here you have to give the SEO title, Focus keyword meta description, tags, and featured image. Remember that your ranks depend on this setting. The things that you set here will show in the search results. You can give a maximum character length of 165. For example, my character length is 155 here.

snippet preview

  • Your focus keyword should be there in the title, meta description, and content. It’s preferred that your focus keyword should be in the heading or subheading. Based on your snippet settings, you can click Check to have a look at how strong you have done SEO settings for the post. The post with Greenlight shows that you have done the best SEO settings, if it is yellow or red, you should have to rephrase the SEO snippets settings.

seo analysis

  • Also, add at least 5 to 6 tags and set the featured image also. This featured image will show as a thumbnail when you share your post on social media. Set the relevant category from the list also.



This is the end of today’s class, if you have any queries, suggestions, ideas, or complaints about the class, you can comment below. You will be given a good response to your queries.