SEO Class 10 – How to Fix Google Crawl Errors

SEO Class 10 – How to Fix Google Crawl Errors
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When Google Crawlers or spiders visit your website, they may face some difficulty to visit certain parts of your website. So they simply skip those pages and show the errors in your webmaster account. These errors may be due to deleted pages, comments, unresponsiveness, or some other things like invalid CSS, iframes, javascript files.

Disadvantages of Crawl Errors

Following are the top disadvantage of crawl errors;

  • Sudden loss in traffic
  • The decrease in site rank
  • Search Engine will ignore the website
  • Late indexing of the website

How to Fix Google Crawl Errors

First of all, go to Google Webmaster Tools.

Use Social Media for your Website

Step 1: Click on the crawl errors. These errors will look like the screenshots.

crawl errors

Crawl errors 2

Step 2: Copy the text as shown in figure.

Google Webmaster Tool error

Step 3: On right side, click this option.

Google Webmaster Tool errors 2

Step 4: Paste the text in the box and click continue.

Google Webmaster Tool errors 3

Step 5: Now your website or blog will be shown with the removal request.

submit request

Now it will show that you have successfully submitted the removal request.

removal request

Step 6: Again click on the crawl errors. Tick the error and mark as fixed so that this error will not show again.

seo class crawl error

More or less, all the other errors can be fixed in the same way however if you are facing any issue for fixing this, you can contact us by commenting below.