Sample & Tips to Write a Job Application on Plain Paper for Different Departments

Sample & Tips to Write a Job Application on Plain Paper for Different Departments
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Getting a government job in Pakistan has become the most difficult task for everyone. Only the successful are those who don’t give up and try again and again. There was a time when getting a teaching job in a Government school was much easy but not it has become too tough due to high competition in the education sector.

Tips to Write a Job Application

It is very common in us that when there is less number of seats like 1 or 2, we don’t apply. This is the real problem because in this way you are lowering the chances of job opportunities. It is my advice to everyone that if there is even a single seat in any department, just go to apply for it because you can be that fortunate person.

Coming to the subject of the day, one of my Facebook friends asked me to help in writing a job application on plain paper. Although, this is not a difficult task and anyone having some good education and intellectuality can write it simply but we generally hesitate by thinking that we will make a mistake in it or we even think that we are not intelligent enough to write. Just to clarify that try to trust yourself because you are capable to do it. My aim in writing these lines is just to encourage the job seekers and it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help you.

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Job Application on Plain Paper

So here is a Sample & Tips to Write a Job Application on Plain Paper for Different Departments that I will write to the secretary of the Agriculture Department for the post of IT specialist.



The Secretary of Agriculture

Government of Punjab.

Civil Secretariat 2, Bank Road Lahore


Subject: Application of the post of IT and Network Administrator



With due respect, it is stated that I came to know from a job advertisement published in a reputed newspaper that there is a vacant post of IT and Network Administrator in your department. I am a Master in Computer Science and fulfill all the eligibility criteria.

This job suite my interests and goals and I assure you that I will work with full sincerity and efficiency under your supervision. My CV and full details are attached to this application for reference.

Kindly consider me for this post.

I shall be very thankful to you.


Yours faithfully

Allah Ditta AD

Mobile: 03124782578

Email: AD@gmal.com

CNIC: 32147-2424956-7

Address: House No. 5 F-Sector