How to Prevent Identity Theft Online and Offline Some Safety Tips

How to Prevent Identity Theft Online and Offline Some Safety Tips
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In the world of emerging cybercrime protecting your identity online has become must because we frequently share our credentials related to our bank account and personal social media accounts. For our ease on some of the websites we save our passwords and other bank details such as card number expiry date etc. In recent malware attacks it was observed that people were bound to pay ransom amount because their identity and critical information about bank account was at stake. In some cases, hackers just vanished all the balance from accounts of some victims. But you do not need to worry anymore here is how to prevent identity theft.
1. Check the details of the website carefully:
Before you proceed further to enter your credentials and bank details you should check the authenticity of the website carefully there are some clone website of some most frequently used websites which looks like the same website on which you usually perform transitions or enter critical information about you. The soul purpose of all such websites is to steal away your information. Check the website carefully if possible check authentication code or registered license before entering your details. It is an effective way to stop identity theft
2. Shop only from reputed websites:
In the era of online shopping you may find amazing deals on some shopping websites. Sometime we are able to crack a mind-blowing deal but sometimes you can be trapped because some fake online shopping websites sell nothing they only show fake deals and if you will enter your details or financial information they will steal them and you can be a victim of cyber crime. Some online shopping websites initially offer good deals and even deliver products but this is just to build the trust as soon as they get sufficient data they stat misusing the information. It is always better to shop from a reputed website and not to get carried away with amazing deals you are getting on a website you have never heard about.
3. Keep changing your Password:
Another best way to avoid identity theft is to keep changing your password. Though it is hard to remember all your passwords already but if you want to be safe and sure then you should make it a practice to keep changing your passwords. You may note down your passwords on safe place and keep them updating regularly.
4. Use Virtual keyboard:
Most of the bank websites offers on screen keyboard in which you will see a keyboard on the screen and you can enter your password by clicking on the buttons. On any device keyboard plays an important role. If you often use your smartphone or a touch screen device, then it is a better idea to use default keyboard some third-party keyboards may trace the keys you are pressing. You might have heard about keyloggers malware. Hackers developed this malware to track what information you enter using the keyboard, so it is always a safe side to use virtual keyboard.
5. Use Secure WiFi:
We often find a free WiFi on railway stations airports etc. These internet connections are considered as secure but if you find an unknown open WiFi connection then it is not secure to use it. Sometimes these internet connections are a trap to steal your critical information. It is better to keep your settings configured in a way that your device will not get connected to unsecured WiFi connections.
6. Download software only from authentic sources:
We require software to get most of the things done on our computer sometimes in a hurry to get the software we do not pay much attention to the source from where we are downloading a software. The software we have download can be a clone of original software and it may intend to steal your critical information. It is always better to download a software from authentic source even if you require to pay for it.
7. Using third party identity protector tool:
There are many third-party identity protector tools available for PC and Mac for identity theft security. sometimes you may get identity protection tool or a password manager with your antivirus. Here I am describing you Advanced Identity protector tool from Systweak software you can download it from the given link. Get From Here

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It is a dedicated tool to keep your passwords securely on one place. It clears your saved passwords from all other places and whenever a website requires a password you simply need to enter single password for this app. This makes it simple and easy to use.
This is how you can be safe over the internet using these ways to prevent identity theft. No one can be considered as 100% secure in the era of cybercrime but these small tips and tricks may save you from potential losses.
Author Bio: Chandra Shekhar Choudhary is working at Systweak Blogs, as an SEO analyst and technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC tips, Android and Mac tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs.