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Practical Tips to Enhance Website Speed and its SEO Aspect

Practical Tips to Enhance Website Speed and its SEO Aspect
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When planning your website, you need to find ways of putting your best foot forward. While you may want to impress with attractive designs, you should not forget about the speed of your site and optimizing it for search engines. Just like you need to clear the space on your system to improve the speed by creating a backup using devices like photo stick mobile, there are certain tips you need to follow to enhance the website speed.

Slow pages have been known to discourage visitors from staying on a page and who can blame them? We live in a fast-paced world and we cannot wait indefinitely for a page to load yet there may be other sites with similar content that can load faster. This is something the best web design agency in UAE keeps in mind as they design websites. So, let us take a look at some ways to optimize loading speed and how to kickstart the right SEO strategy.

Practical Tips to Enhance Website Speed and its SEO Aspect

Limit the Amount of Media on the Site

Here we can confidently say less is more. You do not have to crowd your site with photos and videos. Stick to the media that adds to your ultimate goal. You want to have quality and not quantity. There is no reason to have a photo gallery with 100 photos yet just 5 of the best would have the same impact. You also need to limit embedded videos from other sites that will affect loading speed.

Optimize Images

Even after choosing only the most important images, you need to ensure they are not too heavy. The first step to that is ensuring they are JPEG. JPEG images are a lot lighter than PNG so they will load faster. There are a number of free tools that can help you convert images without compromising the quality.

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Have More Text than Images

Text is known to load faster than images, therefore, where the text is able to do just as good as images, then use text. The header of a page, for example, is best as text than an image because it will be the first thing the visitor will see and it communicates what the page is about as the rest of the page loads. This does not mean you should not have images, just consider whether text may be able to drive a point home faster and effectively.

Make an Impact With Above the Fold Content

The above the fold content will load first, for example, we talked about the header of the page. As the rest of the page loads, you should be able to maximize the impact of what shows up first. Keep the visitor’s attention focused here so that they do not start scrolling to sections that have not yet loaded.

Optimize for Mobile Users as Well

There is no ignoring mobile use today. As you optimize the load website speeds, ensure that people using mobile are the most comfortable. Remember that mobile screens are a lot smaller than a desktop so you might need to limit what they see. The above fold content cannot be as detailed as it would be for a desktop but it still needs to effectively attract attention and hold it.

In a nutshell, you will need to continue monitoring your site speed and make changes as and when it is needed to ensure it loads faster. Some creativity when optimizing will be helpful. Now, that you are aware of how to optimize its speed let’s look at the SEO aspect of your website.

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Search engine optimization is a proven strategy to rank web pages. It involves having search engine spider crawlers running all over the web and analyzing the web pages. Performing SEO on the website usually includes placing keywords in specific places within the web page.

Harness Internal Search Data

Your website’s internal statistical analysis should point you to your next task. The most important aspect is the internal search history of your visitors. People will use the search bar on your website when the information they are searching for is not immediately apparent. Critically analyze these searches and it will give you foresight into what they are interested in.

You will end up with a bunch of new keywords. Use them to create content with the aim of satisfying the search engines and your visitors.

Utilize Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner allows you to access a variety of keyword suggestions to phrases related to your website.  You must log in to your Google Adwords Keyword Planner and then select the “search for keyword and ad group ideas”. Entering your website’s URL into the “landing page box” will give you all list of suggestions for your keywords.

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