The Most Popular Type of Gaming Apps 2017

The Most Popular Type of Gaming Apps 2017
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From the past few years, a steady increase has been seen in the number of smartphones. Subsequently, the mobile technology has taken over the world by storm, leading to the surge of mobile apps. With the evolution of improved techniques and cutting edge-techniques, mobile technology is influencing millions of lives across multitudes of industries, ranging from marketing and gaming to the medical and education fields. With the usage of the latest technologies, the app developers offer incredible gaming solutions in order to flourish in today’s competitive market and hence revolutionized the gaming industry.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the following gaming apps in 2017:

  1. Strategy Games

Strategy games challenge the mind and provide combat conundrums and practical puzzles for the players to disentangle. Whether engrossed in imaginary melees or involved in far-future combat, strategy games lets you release your inner general.

Following are the strategy games:

  • Clash of Clans: It is an online multiplayer game in which the player build and make their clans, train their troops and then attack on other players online to earn various in-game currencies.
  • War Dragons: It is an amazing 3D mobile strategy game. In this action-packed strategy game, you collect, train and breed the number of dragons.
  • Clash Royale: It is an online multiplayer game comprising the features of Tower Defense and Card Games. The matches in this game are very exciting as these are short and gameplay feels organic.
  1. Sports Games

2017 sport gaming app combine advanced visuals with simple, touch-based controls. As a result, picking up the phone and jumping straightly into the action becomes very easy.

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Some sports games are listed as below:

  • Djinnworks: They are a bunch of arcade style of sports games. These include games like basketball, hockey, soccer, football, skateboarding and others. They feature as stick typescripts that play the sports.
  • FIE Swordplay: This is a remarkably popular sports game. The features of this game are good looking graphics, real fencing techniques, online PvP, easy controls etc.
  • Stick Sports Games: These are niche and decent sports games. These comprises of games like tennis, soccer and cricket. They don’t have the graphics impression and are easy to play.
  1. Action Games

Action games are the most prevalent, as they keeps on pumping the blood and moves the fingers constantly. There are different action games and these comprises of fighting games, shooters, platformers and many more.

Some of a few action games are:

  • Duet: In this game, you rotate the two balls crossways the central axis. You can see the marks on boards where you messed up. It depicts that you don’t want any amazing graphics for intense experience.
  • Geometry Wars 3: In this game, you will travel round 3D maps destroying a diversity of things in colorful explosions. You can play this with a hardware controller.
  • Sky Force Reloaded: it is a top-down shooter game and has tons of action. This game has different aircraft to upgrades, unlick and card buffs to make the things easier.
  1. Racing Games

Racing games is the most popular in all of the mobile gaming app. It was the first sort to overcome the shortage of physical buttons on smartphones and made the games worth playing.

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A few racing games are:

  • Riptide GP: It is a racing game from critical admired series of titles. It is a wave runner game where you race jet skis as a substitute to cars.
  • Asphalt Xtreme: It is a racing game where you race against the competitors. It is an online multiplayer where you can race against up to eight opponents.
  • CSR Racing 2: It is one the popular racing games. In this you will purchase cars, add upgrades and then start racing. There are ample of cars to gather and the graphics are really very pretty


In future, the quality of mobile games will continue to soar considerably higher. For many reasons, the mobile gaming will provide certain challenges to the game developers in 2018. 2017 has been a very significant year for the gaming technology and gaming industry – though, the trends in 2018 anticipate revolutionizing mobile gaming completely.