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Points To Remember When Searching For the Best AntiPhishing Software

Points To Remember When Searching For the Best AntiPhishing Software
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A phishing attack affects an enterprise in many ways. Losing money to an attacker is only a portion of the loss. Enterprises will have to spend money on damage control and ensure that their systems are secured again. They will have to choose a better email security system to prevent future attacks. Contacting the individuals whose data was compromised, paying them compensation for the loss, fighting lawsuits from stakeholders for a security breach, losing working hours, and seeing a decline in overall productivity are some of the other losses.

Also, the work environment gets disturbed due to the constant uncertainty among the employees. When the breach is finally identified, the employee who fell prey to the attack is looked down upon by others. The person is considered responsible for the loss, even if is not his/ her fault. Employees get emotionally disturbed, and in short, the entire enterprise suffers.

Even if the multinational organizations tend to recover from the loss sooner or later, the small and medium scale enterprises have a hard time coping with the loss. Their finances are limited and to handle something as messy as a phishing attack can potentially ruin their business.

Many enterprises already use antivirus software and spam filters to keep their email systems safe. But do you know that the existing software solutions are not working effectively enough to filter all suspicious emails? If they did, enterprises wouldn’t fall prey to phishing attacks anymore. The FBI has stated that phishing attacks have doubled in the past two years. Enterprises are losing billions of dollars every year to phishers.

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Best AntiPhishing Software

This clearly emphasizes the need for advanced and strong anti-phishing software that can outsmart the attackers and detect suspicious emails before the employees get duped. But how will we know what the Best AntiPhishing Software is? Here are some of the pointers one can use to identify the latest anti-phishing software.

  • Effortless Deployment

The software can be deployed throughout the enterprise in minutes. It can be integrated with any antivirus solution, spam filter, or malware filter.

The software can also be integrated with various email systems such as G Suite, Office 365, Exchange, etc.

  • Interactive Dashboard

The software comes with an interactive dashboard where the management can track the number of phishing emails that have been detected and blocked. The management can see the latest status at any given point in time.

  • Highly Scalable

The software can provide complete protection to any number of devices. Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. can be kept secure using the software. Employees who bring to work can also be protected using the software.

The size of an enterprise does not affect the performance of the anti-phishing Government organizations can use it same efficiency as any small or medium scale business enterprise.

  • User-friendly Banner

A warning banner pops up with every email. It shows if the email is safe and genuine or if it is a phishing attack.

Words that are easy to understand by every user are used to describe the email. Safe, malicious, fraudulent, unusual, external source, etc. are some examples.

With a single click on the banner, users can report and block the email. They can also click on ‘know more’ to understand why the email has been detected as a phishing attack.

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The software protects the email security system and even trains the employees to understand the phishing attacks.

  • Built On the Cloud

The anti-phishing software can be rolled out in stages for easy implementation in large scale enterprises.

Built on the cloud platform, the software runs in the cloud and adds an invisible security layer to the email system.

It cannot be detected by the attackers and hence identifies the phishing emails and block them before users fall prey.

  • Highly Secure

The Best Phishing Software is highly secure and uses advanced artificial intelligence to detect phishing attacks.

The machine learning algorithm creates behavior patterns of employees and brands. Any email that claims to be from an employee of a brand is scanned for anomalies and the source is traced to see if the email is fake or genuine.

Computer vision technology ‘sees’ emails as human eyes do. The minute changes made to the domain names or IP addresses are detected and the end page is checked. The email is blocked until the software determines its genuineness.

The hidden code in the emails, the file attachments, and the empty logos are scanned to check for malicious content that could harm the system.

The anti-phishing software works in any location and provides total email security to the users at all times.