Performance Evaluation Report (PER) or Annual Confidential Report (ACR)

Performance Evaluation Report (PER) or Annual Confidential Report (ACR)
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This report represents the overall performance of a teacher in PEC/Board results including conduct, character, and capabilities. These reports should be maintained and initiated by the teacher every year whether he is on a contract or permanent bases.

Why Performance Evaluation Report (PER) Needed?

These reports accumulatively will be needed when a teacher needs an increment, promotion, upward mobility, upgrading, or when he needs to be permanent.

Color code of Annual Confidential Report (ACR)

For BPS-1 to BPS-15, these reports color PINK while for BPS-16 to above these reports color GREEN.

Parts of ACR

There are different parts in the ACR and the employee has to fill only the 1st part. The other parts to be filled by reporting and countersigning officers.

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The procedure of Submitting ACR

ACR is filled once in a year in the first month of January by Education Officials. The teacher fills his particulars and submit it to the reported officer who puts his remarks on it and forward it to the countersigning authority.

Post Reporting Officer Counter Signing Officer
Principle CEO/DEA Education DC
Head Master High School DEO SE CEO
HEAD Master Primary AEO DEO EE


  • If you are a SESE Math, you will write the report of the previous year from dates 01-01-2017 to 31-12-2017.
  • If you are on contract for some period of the year and then become permanent, then you have to write 2 separate ACRs for both periods. For example, you were on contract from 01-01-2017 to 12-07-2017 and become permanent on 13-07-2017 then there will be 2 reports for the said periods.
  • The minimum period for ACR to be submitted is 3 months i.e. if you have joined on the 15th of the 10th month of the year, then there will be no ACR for that period.
  • You can add any of the suggestions in ACR in the first part.
  • Employees have to submit the ACR to the reporting before the end of January.
  • Do the signature at the end with the last date of the year.

What the Employee Can Mention in ACR?

To show performance, the employee can mention the following things;

  • Any of the training conducted by the government for period of a 1 week or more.
  • Teaching math or any other subject to the 8th or any other class.
  • Incharge of class X
  • Incharge of Bazm e Adab
  • Incharge of Sports
  • Incharge of time table
  • Incharge of new admission, drop out.

What happens for an Adverse Report Sent by Reporting Officer?

If the reporting officer sends an adverse report of an employee to the countersigning authority, he will send this report back to the teacher. The teacher has to report within 90 days to prove himself right.

The reporting officer has to prove that he is right to send adverse report. For example, he has issued at least 3 orders against the teacher in the order book or has written 3 letters to higher authorities about the negative behavior of that teacher.

If the teacher is not available, then the reporting officer has to submit the report to countersign authority.

Colors Pens Used by Counter Sign Authority

Countersign authority uses a red pen to give adverse remarks while uses a green pen to give positive remarks.

ACR for Contract Employees

For contract employees, ACR is simple wherein the first part he has to fill his particular and in the next part, the reporting/countersign officer just recommends him for retention and extension in his service.

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Sample ACR for BPS 16

Performance Evaluation Report (PER) or Annual Confidential Report (ACR)