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PDF Security for Market Reports – Selling Documents Securely

PDF Security for Market Reports – Selling Documents Securely
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As a content seller, you might be selling different types of content online in the form of PDF files to help you save money and time, which would otherwise have been spent in physically printing and distributing such content.  One such form of content that you might be selling online is market research reports, whether it be related to company stocks, specific market sectors, various metals, or so on.

Your company will have put in a lot of effort to prepare such comprehensive market reports and sell them only to a select few. But, imagine one of your authorized recipients distributes a report to an unauthorized user without your consent or create multiple copies of that report with the intention of selling it under his or her name. Would all your efforts not be in vain?

To avoid such unauthorized access to your PDF market reports and to ensure their copy protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM) security is the ideal solution. Applying proper DRM controls to your premium content files (such as market reports) will ensure you always get paid for every user who accesses them.

Also, you can provide one of two kinds of access. One is the typical “forever access” that your authorized users can get for every purchase of your document. But, because of DRM, you can also provide “limited period access”. In such cases, you can limit the amount of time during which your users can access the PDF documents by setting expiry dates for every document, report or eBook that your users subscribe to. This kind of access is required for files that are time sensitive, for example finance research reports and stock research reports.  Expiry dates can also be altered in the future if need be (i.e. extended or shortened).

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When it comes to research reports, your users may feel the need to print them for a detailed study. So, disabling printing of such reports might not be the right solution. Yet, with the implementation of dynamic watermarks, you can allow printing while still making it difficult for the authorized users to print, photocopy, and then forward your documents to unauthorized users. Such watermarks can reveal the user name, email address, company name, and more on every copy that a user prints. This will be a strong deterrent for your users from indulging in piracy as no one would want to see their identity linked to piracy.

And, apart from these special features of DRM, you can always rely on the encryption method to safeguard your PDF reports while they are in transit. Also, you can restrict their access to specific devices so that authorized users cannot share access with any unauthorized users. To prevent any easy ways to copy your documents, DRM will also disable the “save as” or “file save” feature, screen grabbing, and so on.

So, DRM equips you with secure administration and control to prevent the misuse of your highly valuable PDF reports by authorized or unauthorized recipients.

We hope that the above information proves useful to you.

Author Bio: Karishma working for Locklizard