SEO Class 6 – OnPage Post Settings in Blog
When Google or some other search engine indexes your post/pages, then it looks into category wise. I mean it will check post title, headings, subheadings, and minor heading and then bring that post up that is well optimized according to the above criteria. SEO Class 5 – How to make a correct website structure Google… (0 comment)

SEO Class 5 – How to Make a Correct Website Structure
For the promotion of a website, its structure is of vital importance. Due to the proper structure of a website, your website will be search engine friendly, so in today’s class, we will explain the website structure. SEO Class 6 -ON Page Post Setting in Blog Make a Correct Website Structure Given below top 10… (0 comment)

SEO Class 4 – Metas and OnPage Setting of Blogs
SEO is a technique through which we can bring a website in ranks. Quality SEO can ensure the ranks of a website on the first page of Google. Today I will tell you to set metas keyword, tags, and titles for a post i.e. on-page optimization of a website. Metas and OnPage Settings of Blogs… (0 comment)

How to Remove Image Background Easily?
Sometimes you capture a photo of your loved ones but you feel like shit when sadly the background of the image is not good as you desire. Don’t worry; it is possible to remove the background with the help of Adobe PhotoShop. All is OK now but what to do if you’re not expert enough… (0 comment)

Amazing Software for Photo Editing
Most of the people think that only Adobe Photoshop is best for editing the photos. Yes, it is but what to do when you are not expert enough to use it. In this case, some small but handy software can be used effectively. One such software is PhotoScape that is capable of editing your photos… (0 comment)

How to Install Windows from your Saved Backup?
Today software is about a corrupt window. Windows operating system is used by most of the people in the world. Hopefully, the readers of this blog will be using this also. Although windows is very reliable and easy to use but sometimes it will be corrupted due to some virus attack or deletion of some… (0 comment)

How to do Networking through Remote Assistant?
Most people actually don’t know how to connect different computers in a network like a network in a building, workplace, or net café. Today, I will tell you the simplest way to do networking with the help of window default options. Through them, one not only can connect the multiple PCs but control all the… (2 comments)

How to Make your Online Stamp?
Do you want to make stamps like those used by different brands, organizations, banks, schools, and all the other institutions?  You will be thinking that you have to spend a lot on these stamps but now with the virtue of online stamp making sites, you can make your stamps just in 5 mints. Make your… (0 comment)