Opportunities do not happen You create them

Opportunities do not happen You create them
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Opportunities do not happen You create them

Opportunities are very important in the lives of people. Those are successful who avail the opportunities to get the best out of them. Those can be considered losers who just see opportunities passing in front of them and they do nothing.
This was all about the opportunities that came for you but in most cases, we have to create the opportunities by ourselves.

Example of Creation of Opportunity by Ourselves

You have read the story of thirsty crow from the beginning of your classes that best suits it. The crow sees the water in the pot but that was too low to drink. The opportunity was there but it was halfway. He thought a plan and thrown inside pebbles to raise the water level. That was actually the opportunity creating by the crow himself. We are human beings and we have far more brain than the birds and animals then why not we go for the creation of opportunities by ourselves. If a bird can achieve success in this way then we can also. Just we need some good thoughts and positive thinking to achieve our aim. Today the world is too fast and we can’t afford to lose opportunities. All successful persons are those who created opportunities and became successful in their lives.

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