Microsoft is not Developing Windows 10 Mobile Anymore

Microsoft is not Developing Windows 10 Mobile Anymore
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The tweet by Microsoft Joe Belfiore has now confirmed that the company no more focuses on building new features and hardware for Windows 10 Mobile platform. Although, it will continue supporting the platform and providing updates to security and bug fixes but building new features and hardware are not the focus now.

Last year, Joe himself was spotted to use iPhone to send massages. He confessed that he uses iPhone and Android phones to understand the competition.

Bill Gates, in a current TV interview mentioned that he had recently switched to an Android smartphones. He has been the big fan of Windows Phone / Mobile platforms but his move to switching to Android is an indication that Windows has stopped further development for Windows Mobile platform.

As it’s pretty much understandable, there is need of a complete cycle to make a platform successful. Take the example of Android, which is used by more than 85 percent of users all around the world. If there are users in such a huge amount, raising the demand of new devices powered by Android platform is quite natural.

And so is natural the demand of more and more apps. The demand of devices simply means that more customers are using Android devices which also mean that more Android developers have opportunity to build an app. This cycle keeps on going and a platform becoming popular.

Unfortunately, it could not happen with Microsoft’s Windows Phone or Windows Mobile platforms, even after the company was paying mobile app developers to build apps for its platform.

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No doubt Microsoft’s mobile has also been a leader in the market in 2007 but then things started to change in 2008; after Apple released its iPhone and then Google released Android. Same happened with BlackBerry.

In fact both Microsoft and BlackBerry could not keep with trends or their top executive fail to understand what direction they should move to keep their leadership intact.
Anyways, they have failed now.

And the main cause behind their failure is the no or less interest of developers in investing their time and money in Windows mobile app development because they know they will not receive any return.

Microsoft invested billions of dollars into mobile platform to make it successful but nothing happened. Many companies who initially launched their apps for Windows Mobile, (earlier Windows Phone) have now rolled back their apps from the platform.

In 2013, there were reports which predicted that Windows Phone market share would overpass the iPhone but in real, it has reached only the half percent of the total in last year and in current year, dropped, in fact.

Many suggested Microsoft to enable support to Android apps and bring them in Windows 10 Mobile so that issue of lack of apps can be addressed. But this will also do nothing and Android itself already has the best positioning in market and no one is crazy about the mobiles by Microsoft.

On the other hand, Microsoft is making its available on both iPhone and Android devices including launcher, office apps, Edge. Hey, I just noticed Cortana’s Android app on Google Play. I am downloading it.

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Author Bio: James Stewart is a digital marketing executive in magento development company