Easy Driving: 8 Technologies to Make Your Car Better

Easy Driving: 8 Technologies to Make Your Car Better
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For many people, the car has become not only a means of transportation. Today, we buy personal car or get rent it, because we need a universal device that can move us and our belongings over long distances, as well as provide comfort and rest on long trips. Therefore, in order to meet modern trends, the automotive industry doesn’t stand still and constantly offers consumers advanced car technologies. They include not only a more comfortable design and better parts, but also all kinds of systems that allow planning the route and facilitating the driving process. Well, some of them are presented below…

Smart Headlights

Driving in bad weather or at night is always problematic. That’s why the researchers decided to develop the so-called “smart headlights”. They are already installed on expensive car models, and soon this process will acquire a more mass phenomenon.


Ford Company plans to use such adaptive headlights on new cars. They take into consideration the car’s speed and angles of road turns, and are capable to change the intensity and direction of the light flux by checking the oncoming traffic.

The use of smart headlights can significantly reduce the number of accidents on the roads, since these lights prevent the blindness of other road drivers.

Google Glass

This unique device will be a great assistant for the driver. In the nearest future, Google Glass will be able to display all kinds of information about the car, and perform the following functions:

  • determine the position of the car on the map;
  • open and close the sunroof;
  • turn on/off climate control in the salon;
  • lock and unlock the doors;
  • turn on/ off alarms;
  • control the battery charge.

Google Glass Photoshoot 27213

In fact, Volkswagen has already developed Marta interface for Google Glass. It will also help users to repair cars themselves. Electronics monitors your eyes and gives clues as to the location of the faulty parts.

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Energy-accumulating car body panels


(photo by satanaetita)

Modern technologies in the automotive industry include body panels that can accumulate energy much faster than standard batteries. They allow you to change heavy and bulky batteries to thin and light ones. They are made of polymer carbohydrate fiber and resin. Refilling of energy reserves is performed by plugging into a power socket. An alternative way is to use the brake energy recovery system. And the time to fully charge such a battery is much less than for a standard battery. The new material has obvious advantages: strength and easily variable shape. Also, one of the advantages of such panels is a significant reduction of the weight of the car. Volvo Company is the leading development of this unique technology.

Driver drowsiness detection system

Mercedes-Benz Company has been producing cars with such a technology since 2011, and its name is Attention Assist. It’s created to track the physical capabilities of the driver to operate the car. If there’s a need, then the systems give signals to stop the vehicle. It doesn’t require direct involvement of the driver, or his minimal intervention is enough.

The check is performed on the basis of three factors:

  • fixing the driver’s sight;
  • controlling of vehicle movement;
  • estimating of the driver’s behavior.

Autopilot system

Many automakers are engaged in the production and testing of autonomous vehicle control systems. Until recently it seemed fantastic, but now cars with automatic driving are already a reality. Their work is provided by a variety of sensors that send messages about obstacles on the roads.

Best BMW Models : Tesla's Autopilot brakes before crash providing hope for autonomous systems - ww...

(photo by Snappy Gears)

For example, the newest Mercedes S-Class is able to drive a car, and if necessary, slow down and stop it. But not only automobile concerns develop autopilot systems for cars. Google also created a system that allows the vehicle to move independently. In this case, cameras, navigation maps and radar data are used.

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Accident Reporting System

All OK

In the near future, the EU countries plan to equip cars with eCall systems. They are designed specifically to alert about road accidents. In the event of an accident, the device sends information to the crisis center about the place of the accident, the type of fuel used and the number of passengers.

Airless tires

According to statistics, drivers regularly check the tire pressure of their cars. It must comply with certain norms. If the wheels are not properly inflated, then this is a direct threat to safety. In addition, fuel consumption is automatically increased.


(photo by David Schmeikal)

Bridgestone easily solved this problem by creating conceptual airless tires. These tires contain a micro-netting from hard rubber instead of air. It has the ability to retain the original shape even under extreme load. That is why the car can continue to move even when puncturing the wheel without endangering life.

In addition, airless tires will be more environmentally friendly than their predecessors made of traditional rubber.

Automatic parking

Hyundai Sonata GLS and Hybrid (US)

One of the new technologies in the automotive industry is automatic car parking. It’s able to simplify the life of drivers in big cities. At the moment, these new items are installed only on expensive cars. Electronic systems are able to determine whether the machine fits into the parking space, calculate the speed of movement and the optimal angle of rotation of the wheels. Of course, the driver always has the opportunity to stop the automatic parking, if he doesn’t like something, and park the car by himself.