Joining the FGEI Department 2021

Joining the FGEI Department 2021
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Joining the FGEI Department 2021

I am writing about this vacant post through the topitworld.com platform. I will be discussing the FGEI department.

Introduction of FGEI Department?

FGEI is the department that offers vacant posts for EST, TGT, and SST annually. Many people work as professional teachers in the Government Departments when the opportunity is presented to them to join the FGEI. In fact, many people think about whether it is safe to leave the current department and to join the FGEI or not.

FGEI Teaching and Non-Teaching Jobs 2021

In order to clear all confusion that people might have, I am posting this vacancy so that people have a better understanding when choosing a specific department for their choices of career.

First and foremost, I will analyze the benefits of FGEI and I will also look at the drawbacks of FGEI aiming to give a clear understanding to individuals and enabling them to make the right choice for their career.

Merits and DeMerits of FGEI Department

By analysing the pros and cons, this will facilitate individuals to choose the department relating to their professional career as a teacher within the government sector.

Benefits of FGEI:

The following are the advantages of joining FGEI.

1. Permanent Service:

One of the major advantage or merit of joining FGEI is that since the very first day of joining service, it is considered as a permanent service, although an employee will need to complete one year as a probationary period, however here in this scenario the same probation period will be accounted in the service as a permanent duration.

2. Weekly 2 days off:

Another advantage of joining FGEI by an employee is that the employee will gain two days off in a week as compared to most of the government departments where an employee can get only one day off in a week.  In other words, the service consists of 5 days a week and two days off weekly which is offered by the FGEI department whereby the employee is not overwhelmed and feels comfortable.

3. Hiring facility for the Employees:

Another important factor is that, there is a hiring facility in mostly major cities offered by the FGEI whereby the employees can get 15000 PKR to 25000 PKR monthly when hired by the department.

4. School Environment:

As compared to the rest of other Government schools, the environment of FGEI schools is much better because most of the schools of FGEI are in big cities and the cohorts of students in those schools are well mannered and well disciplined.

5. Time Scale:

TGT and SST employees after the completion of 5 years will offer next Time scale by FGEI.

Disadvantages of FGEI:

The following are the disadvantages of joining FGEI.

1. Away from home:

One of the major disadvantage of joining FGEI is that FGEI schools are based across Pakistan and as a result to that employees are posted anywhere in any parts of Pakistan.

In addition to that, at least for three years’ employees have to work in deprived areas like Khuzdar and Sibbi. Furthermore, regarding promotion or to cover the gaps of teachers in any other schools, employees are also posted in remote and far away areas.

2. Rigid Rules:

Since all the FGEI schools are under the management of the army, there are rigid rules and regulations in place to adhere to.

In case of breaching of those rules and regulations mentioned by the stakeholders and relevant authorities, employees can face severe penalties as consequences.

3. Robust Environment:

Similarly to the army protocols, staying focused and vigilant at all the time is another element which needs to be adhered by an employee of FGEI, whereby one should need to stay attentive all the time and consider himself/herself 24 hours on duty. An employee can be called at anytime on duty even though being on vacation.

4. Transfer and posting challenges:

Whilst serving in the FGEI one of the major issues is that it is very hard to obtain a transfer or to be granted reposting from one place to another.

5. Lack of facilities:

Regarding listing in far away remote locations, if an employee obtains a transfer, he/she faces issues such access to their food supply, transportation, and accommodation which are the sole responsibilities of the employee and the department is not responsible for any of the above-mentioned facilities and amenities. This is one of the common challenges that the employees are currently facing on day to day basis.

6. Slim chances of promotion opportunities:

The promotion Quota of EST is 25%, TGT 33% and SST is 50% and that is the reason why the promotion Quota in EST is very low as people expect to serve to their utmost with a hope to get promotion in the department.

7. Pay scale Structure:

Along with all the other elements and factors involved one has to think of a pay structure and unfortunately in this sector, the pay structure is never.

In fact, the pay scale structure is clearly stated that the pay scale within the provincial and federal is same for all the employees.


Although FGEI is a great opportunity for teachers who want to join within the Government schools, yet after due consideration to the pros and cons, one can easily choose whether to join the FGEI department by leaving the current department or to stay within the current department and opt not to join the FGEI department.

The purpose of the same post is to provide a clear understanding concerning FGEI to enable individuals to gain the maximum understanding which will ultimately enable them to make the right decision concerning their careers by generating, delivering, and implementing the maximum practical approaches in the right direction.

Despite the fact that there are benefits and drawbacks of the FGEI, after considering the detailed and in-depth analysis, one can now easily obtain an in-depth understanding and make o choice of whether to join the department FGEI or not.

Last but not least, this article will help in providing a clear understanding and eliminate any types of confusion that people might have in their minds concerning joining the FGEI. If still confused, check the comparison of Federal SST with Provincial EST here.