iOS 12 Release Date and Compatibility Criteria: What is Apple Cooking?

iOS 12 Release Date and Compatibility Criteria: What is Apple Cooking?
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It has not been more than a couple of months Apple launched their coveted mobile OS iOS 11. And since its launch, the new OS has become a fan favorite for the incredible features it offers to the users. The US-based tech conglomerate made some changes and incorporated some sterling features to make this operating system one of its kind. Among many changes, the most notables are the upgradation of Siri, upgradation of Apple pay system, improvement of the Apple Map and the inclusion of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode while driving, new control center, ‘Smart Invert Colors’ mode for low light usage and many others. But we, the fans never get satisfied with anything easily. After the huge success of the iOS 11, the fans have already started speculating on the iOS 12, its release date, compatibility criteria and features. So in this round-up article, we have talked about the iOS 12 and all its aspects.

iOS 12 Release Date

The most important question on an upcoming OS has always been the release date. So this time too, people are eager to know when iOS 12 will make its debut? If you look at the release dates of the previous iterations of this famous OS, you will notice that Apple generally launches the new version of its operating system during the company’s WWDC(World Wide Developers Conference) tech event. Apple holds this annual event generally in the month of September. Even in this year, the WWDC 2017 took place in September. As Apple loves to follow some traditions and patterns, we can keep our fingers crossed that iOS 12 will also be unveiled during the WWDC 2018 tech event which is expected to take place in the month of September.

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iOS 12 Compatible Devices

After the release date, the second most important aspect of the upcoming operating system is its compatibility criteria. If you are an ardent Apple fan, then you must know that the Cupertino-based tech giant changes the compatibility criteria with each iteration of the operating system. That means all the devices which support iOS 11, is not likely to support the iOS 12 too. The latest OS, iOS 11 supports the iPhone 5S and all the above models including the latest iPhone X. But the software does not support the iPhone 5C, although it made its debut after the iPhone 5S. The reason is, the iOS 11 does not support 32-bits apps, and most of the apps on iPhone 5C are 32-bit apps. In terms of iOS 12, our guess is the software will support the iPhone 6 and all the above models.

The iOS 11 is also compatible with the iPad Air and above models, iPad Mini 2 and upper models, all iPad Pros and the 6th generation iPod Touch. We think Apple will keep the compatibility criteria of iOS 12 for these devices same as iOS 11.

Wrap Up

Apple is making their software interesting with each passing iteration. The iOS 11 is undoubtedly the best OS the company has ever produced. But the company has promised they will make the upcoming iOS 12 even better. So to stay updated with the OS, keep glued to our website.