Importance of Significant Figures and Their Precise Digits

Importance of Significant Figures and Their Precise Digits
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Definition of significant figures

Every digit presents in a number that is used to determine the accuracy of that number is known as significant figures.

Significant figures rules

  • Every non-zero digit in a number is a significant figure. For example, in number 12.3, there are three significant figures because every digit is non-zero.
  • Zeros that appear between any non-zero digits are significant. 14072 has five significant figures. The zero is between a 4 and a 7.
  • Leading zeros are considered to be “place holders,” and they are not significant. The number 0.0456 has only three significant figures. 0.00041 has 2 significant figures. The zeros appearing before 456 and 41 respectively are all leading zeros.
  • Trailing zeros that are to the right of the decimal is significant. In number 84.00, there are four significant figures.
  • Now it is important to understand that 84.00 is quite different from 84; a person who measures 84.00 milliliters knows its value to the nearest 1/100th milliliter; on the contrary, his co-worker who measured 92 milliliters only knows his value to the nearest 1 milliliter. It is right to consider that “zero” does not mean “nothing.” Just like any other number that you’re dealing with, zero also denotes actual information. You cannot tag on zeros that aren’t certain to belong there.
  • In a whole number where trailing zeros are present along with the decimal shown, are significant. Placing a decimal at the end of a number is not usually done. Although, this decimal indicates a significant zero. For example, “1440.” indicates that the zero right after 4 IS significant, and there are four significant figures in this value.
  • A whole number where trailing zeros are present with no decimal shown is not significant. In a number “1440” the zero, in the end, is NOT significant, and there are only three significant figures in this value.
  • There is an infinite number of significant figures in an exact number. This rule applies to numbers that are represented by definitions. To determine, 2 meter = 2.00 meters = 2.0000 meters =
  • 0000000000000000000 meters, etc.
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There are many significant figure calculations that follow the rules mentioned above. These sig fig calculations can help you have a better understanding of significant figures.

Importance of significant figures

Significant figures are a vital factor in explaining the exactness and accuracy of any acquired answer without any conflict.

  • If we make measurements with any sort of measuring device, we will not be able to get accurate measurements. However, by the use of significant figures and a significant figure calculator, it is possible to identify the degree of expected levels of uncertainty and precision of answers.
  • Significant figures have a great deal of importance while taking data in the laboratories. They give indications about the correctness of the stated values to everyone who observes the given data. For instance, if you have a measurement of weight and it is “1100 grams”, then it depicts that the total mass or weight of the object has been rounded to the nearest hundred grams to make the calculation simple and easy.
  • If you have a complex measurement such as 0.05724931 meters’ length of any rope, then it will not be easy to describe the measurements with such figures or digits. Sig figs calculator is the best option to handle the value, and significant figures are the best mode to express the number.

Whenever you want to count the number of significant figures in any given value or equation or to find the significant ones, you can take assistance from any sig fig counter.  Such tools will increase your practice to handle sig figs and also analyze your aptitude to find several significant figures in any given numerically. You can enter whole numbers as well as real numbers in any sig fig calculator to have the desired outcome effortlessly.

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