How Voice Search will Change SEO Industries?

How Voice Search will Change SEO Industries?
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You must be holding an Apple or Android Device with latest tech features! How often do you use Voice Search? Since the introduction of Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Voice Search as well as other voice search technologies, the trend gained wide popularity across the world. With the emerging technology, the trends are improving, and voice search is the fastest growing tech trend.

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The tech giants in the industry report the booming concept of voice search. The technology of voice search is growing fast and will replace type search in recent future. Currently, voice search technology is the buzz in SEO marketing. Digital marketers across the world are questioning, How Voice Search will change SEO industries.

“Voice search will change SEO industries” is a prediction!

“Voice search will change SEO industries.” This statement is a prediction, and the future of voice search depends on its capabilities, the current growth rate and the issues with the technology. Though it is a prediction, the growth rates of voice search use determine the growing popularity, and shortly it would start impacting on SEO industries. Before you learn, how Voice search technology will affect the SEO industries, you must have a detailed idea about Voice Search Technology. Let’s begin the journey and learn how it would change the SEO industries!

Voice Search- The latest buzz in tech industrygoogle voice search

Voice Search is the newest technology in speech recognition technology. Users can quickly search on their respective search engines by pronouncing any specific term/word/sentence aloud to their device instead of typing in the search bar. The software is designed to assist the users to search through voice commands. For the rising use of smartphones as well as other Internet of Things enabled devices the popularity of voice search assistant has spurred up. The giant tech companies consider these factors and have made significant investments in voice search technology. Voice search has a long journey to continue in the modern world and would not lose its popularity.

What are the reasons behind growing popularity of Voice Search?

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In the initial phase, users adopted voice search slowly for its inaccuracy in recognizing words. Voice search lacked the capabilities of recognizing the pronounced terms. Thus, the search results altered. Now, with the modern tech advancements, capabilities of voice search increased over 90%, and the rates of error minimized. For the improved accuracy in speech recognition and error-free search results, uses of Voice Search technology increased rapidly. Numerous of statistics and facts shed light on the impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing. Let’s learn how voice search will change the SEO industries!

How would Voice Search impact and change SEO industry?

  • Any average person will speak 150-160 words per minute, but the same person will be able to type 40 words per minute. Thus, people can use voice search to get more specific search results.
  • The launch of Hummingbird replaced the trend of searching exact matching keywords. Voice Search reintroduced the traditional theme of searching exact matching keywords. The SEO industries need to understand the conversational speech and take a step ahead towards the voice trend. Customers would search for immediate solutions avoiding any distractions or irrelevant suggestions. Such trend impacts on the SEO industry and the digital marketers give extensive effort to adopt the voice search
  • Voice search is likely more local based in comparison to text search. Location indeed plays a vital role in any search. The voice search as is location focused, the digital marketers need to set up the site correctly basing on the local search. SEO industry needs to give extra effort to improve the visibility of the client’s site on the search result page.
  • The standard SEO practices will base on capturing voice search traffic replacing the current methods. The digital marketers will require targeting the voice searches to maximize the site ranking. Such SEO practices will impact the SEO industries and the exercises to grab higher visibility and ranking will alter.
  • Ignoring mobile users is a massive loss for digital marketers as sites gain maximum traffic from mobile devices. Similarly, Voice Search is a mobile-friendly trend. Thus, digital marketers need to embrace voice search trend to ensure ranking of the website.
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How will voice search impact on the SEO strategies?voice search fb

The SEO experts immensely struggle to optimize their marketing strategies as per the latest trend to get the higher rank. Currently, the efforts are for text-based searches, but with the evolution of technology and growing importance of Voice Search, the marketers need to evolve the overall digital marketing strategy. The SEO experts that adapt fast to the altering trend and embrace voice search technology will stay ahead of the competitive curve. This pattern indeed will change SEO industries and practices in a long run!

Ignoring voice search, the digital marketers will miss out the opportunities of targeting traffic and will lose online users on a regular basis. It would be a significant challenge for SEO industries to generate traffic towards their client’s website as Voice commands still has flaws in capturing accurately. If the brand’s name has any naming conventions, Voice Search may fail to recognize the speech and alter the search list. The marketers need to create test bidding campaigns through AdWords and improve the voice search results. It will be a tough session for SEO industries, and all sectors will get affected by the trend of voice search.


Voice Search is the future trend that has started taking leaps. The current time is right to start optimizing SEO strategies and embrace Voice Search. Creating a voice-friendly content will help every type of industry to grab the benefits. To stay ahead in the competition and ensure to give the best chance to the businesses, adapt voice assistant as the preferred service. The promising advantages of Voice Search technology are fast as well as convenient.  The users can perform searches on-the-go! SEO industries need to start working on their current SEO strategies and make it specific to voice search technology!

Author Bio: Jaydip Parikh, the CEO of Tej SolPro