Write B.ed Thesis of AIOU Code 8613 – Free Procedure and Formatting Tips

Write B.ed Thesis of AIOU Code 8613 – Free Procedure and Formatting Tips
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Are you looking for how to write a B.ed thesis of AIOU for free? Then you are on the right place where we will give you free step by step guideline of its Procedure and Formatting.

Once upon a time, when B.ed from AIOU was so easy. There were only a 1-year b.ed program and candidates find it very easy to complete it by just submitting the assignments, giving examinations, and doing a workshop of 2 weeks.

Write a B.ed Thesis of AIOU Code 8613

But now from 2017 B.ed from AIOU has become so much difficult. There are huge fees that increased up to 19000 per semester that was previously just 6000 per semester. All this has happened due to the changed policy of HEC which has directed the universities to conduct 1.5, 2.5, and 4 Years b.ed programs just to raise the quality and skills of education. According to me, this is not fruitful because student takes it just a formal degree just to earn some job.

One of the main requirements of HEC from a b.ed degree is to have thesis work completed in all respect for code 8613. It needs so much hard work and students have to spend money on thesis binding and printing. In the olden days, students can purchase assignments from different people in handwritten form and now they are purchasing thesis from sellers by spending some more money. So the difference is of just money which students give to thesis sellers.

How to Write AIOU B.ED Thesis format and Writing Procedure

If you are planning to write your own b.ed thesis of AIOU, then you are open to do it. You have a supercomputer, super internet, and a super mind. Just do research on your desired topic and write the thesis in your own words. You can copy-paste in a smart manner as not to exactly copy from internet sources. Once you have written your AIOU b.ed thesis with proper formatting then don’t forget to check its duplication online to remove any chance of plagiarism.

Sample B.ed Thesis of Allama Iqbal Open University

Given here the sample b.ed thesis of AIOU from where you can check the proper order, formatting, and way of writing it.

You can download it from here: AIOU B.ed Thesis Sample

Guidelines for B.ed Thesis of AIOU

Given here some best guidelines to write b.ed thesis in a proper format. If you want to remove plagiarism from the thesis, feel free to contact me and I will remove duplication within an hour.

You can download it from here: B.ed Thesis Guidelines.

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