How to Stand out from Other Real Estate Agents

How to Stand out from Other Real Estate Agents
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From having the best realtor websites design to integrating high-quality content and everything in between, there are different things that you can do as a realtor, to stand out in the competitive market.

Stand out from Other Real Estate Agents

As a realtor who is looking to differentiate him or herself from the competitive market, taking a unique approach is perhaps the only best way to set yourself apart from the rest. Doing the same things that other realtors are doing will not only make you similar to them but also make it hard for your clients to find you. Luckily, there are several things to do to set yourself apart, as you will notice in this article.

Have a quality website

A real estate website plays a critical role in your career as a realtor. It not only serves as your salesperson 24/7, but it also gives your business credibility and makes it convenient for your clients to find whatever it is they were looking for without a struggle. A good website will provide you with a competitive edge and also help you increase sales by a significant margin. Since you are keen on standing out, it’s in your interest to have the technical aspects handled by experts. Professionals will create the best realtor websites design for you, and also make sure that your website is responsive, fast to load, user-friendly, and appealing. This will go a long way in setting you apart from a good percentage of realtors.

Utilize the effect of “perceived value.”

Another great way to stand out is by creating a freebie. Homebuyers want to see that you are offering relevant and valuable information without wanting anything in return – think of it as a perceived value because we all know your primary intention is to sell a property to them. And with a real estate website to back you up, it is easy to create and issue-free things like eBooks, PDF files, or other downloadable stuff that prospects can use. It’s also easy to publish relevant content to help buyers make an informed buying decision. Have your competitors in mind when doing this. Your goal is to be better than them – if they are offering a single eBook, you can do two. And if they are writing 500-words a post, then do 700 or even 1,000.

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Find your specialty

There is a reason people do not go to a heart surgeon for a kidney transplant – because they assume or know that that a kidney specialist will do a greater job fixing their kidney problem than a heart doctor. This analogy also works well in the real estate market. It is hard to stand out as jack of all trades – but it becomes much easier when you narrow down your services. Specializing in quick sells for clients who are relocating because of work or in selling homes to first-time buyers, for instance, lets you narrow down your focus and deliver even better services. It will also paint you as an expert. So, whenever a new home buyer is looking for a home, the first thing they think of is you.

Be available

Home buying or home selling process is not easy, especially for your clients. And considering the amount of money that’s in play and the intricacies of the process, your clients are bound to feel confused or be overwhelmed. Being available whenever they need help, and offering a helping hand to ensure a smooth process will show your clients you care. And you don’t have to do all these in person – be available to respond to their questions online or on-call.

Strive to achieve the “celebrity” status

By celebrity, we do not mean the likes of mainstream musicians or actors. It is where you position yourself, in the eyes of your prospects and customers, as someone they are happy to pay lots of money for solutions. You become a celebrity realtor so that prospects will come to your office, call you or show up at one of your speaking engagements ready to buy you – if they can.

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We cannot emphasize the importance of networking enough because of the value it adds to your marketing endeavors. You want to take advantage of all situations to make people aware of what you do. The good thing is that there are plenty of chances and places to network – including your church, friends’ party, neighborhood, conferences, and so on.ma

Take advantage of social sites

Many people hang out on social sites scrolling through their timeline – other people’s timelines. Guess what? Some of them are your prospects. So, take advantage of their time and your time on social media to sell out yourself. In addition to posting images of properties, you want to be available to respond to inquiries and questions – in a timely fashion.


Real estate is a lucrative market. But with the steep competition in the sector, you need to be smart in your approach to stand out.