How to Set up a Killer “Write for Us” Page to Get Maximum Attention

How to Set up a Killer “Write for Us” Page to Get Maximum Attention
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If you have a site and plenty of visitors, it’s a compulsion to keep posting quality content all the time.

The question is where to get the content from?

Guest posting is the only sane way out.

But here’s the tricky part; how to get the finest bloggers to contribute to yoursite?

Simple: design a killer “Write for Us” page and entice them to contribute their best pieces so that your site or blog can thrive!

Wondering how to design such a “Write for Us” page?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to setting up a killer “Write for Us” page:

Step1: State the Benefits

To start with, you need to convey why the blogger should contribute to your blog or site.

First of all, you must convey how this is a great opportunity for him to connect with a larger readership. This enables his ideas to reach scores of readers around the world

Secondly,you should convey that this can be the starting point of new business connections for him. In other words, you must emphasize upon the opportunities that can arise by such guest posts in terms of working with others.

You should also take the opportunity to convey that you would compensate for the guest post in a generous way. This would help the blogger understand how you value quality work.

Insetting up “Write for Us” page, this step is quite crucial because you are outlining reasons why the blogger should contribute guest posts. If you do it well, half the battle is won!

So make sure you craft a compelling statement of benefits for the blogger in this section.

Step 2: Enlist the Focus Areas

After the reasons to contribute, the next thing is what he can write about.

In other words, you should convey what your focus areas are. In this sense, this step is quite important in setting up an attractive “Write for Us” page. If you don’t list enticing areas to work upon, the blogger is not likely to engage with you further.

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This section should precisely list the focus areas that the blog can write about.

Take a look at a sample list:

This part of “Write for Us” page needs to be done right because he needs to get a sense that you are working on interesting areas. As long as you got him interested,you can get him to write on any topic you want.

So make sure you add these focus area to your “Write for Us” page and get him hooked!

Step 3: Clarify the Submission Guidelines

Next is what kind of format his post should follow. In other words, this section needs to be added next because you expect him to send you publication-ready content.

For that to happen, make sure you set up this section in an interesting way. Don’t make it sound like you are a disciplinarian who would not allow any flexibility. But at the same time, state your submission guidelines quite clearly.

This section should enable the blogger to visualize the format his blog post would need to follow.

First of all, state the word limit. You can also state a range here. For instance, you can say, the blog should be in a range of 800-1200 words.

Next is the use of numbers and statistics. Make sure you emphasize the need to back up all the claims made in the blog post with facts and figures.

What follows next is the use of images and videos. State your norms of what kind of images and videos should be used. If there are any technical specifications,this is a great place to clarify.

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After that, you should clarify the formatting guidelines. Clarify your preferences regarding the title, the H2 and H3 title tags and the related stuff.

Right before you end the section, don’t forget to mention the need to make the content plagiarism free. Insist on keeping the content original and unique.Make sure you also clarify the need to make it free of grammatical and other errors as well.

Step 4 Draft a Submission Form

Let’s say he is ready to make a submission, how can he submit it?

This is where the next step is quite important.

Draft a great Submission Form which is neither too long nor too short. Keep it short and sweet.

Place a format like the one given below:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Author’s name
  • Author’s Short Bio
  • Topic
  • Post Title
  • Post Content
  • Author Pic
  • Captcha
  • Submit

Format Courtesy Write forUS

This step is quite important because this is where the actual submission happens. If theform is easy and simple, it’s comfortable for the blogger to contribute. Insetting up a killer “Write for Us” page, Submission Form has a great role to play because it can make or mar the final step of actual submission!

Parting Note

A lot of sites are not able to attract great bloggers to contribute guest post for the simple reason that they have a dull “Write for Us” page.

However, if you follow this step-by-step guide, you can set up a killer “Write for Us” page, you can engage the best of bloggers and get them to contribute to your site.

All you got to do is set up this kind of killer “Write for Us” page and entice them.

What are you waiting for then? Let’s get started!

Author Bio: Ayushi Choudhary is an SEO executive at Ranking By SEO