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How to Repair or Format Damaged Memory Card or USB

How to Repair or Format Damaged Memory Card or USB
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Sometime memory card and USB are damaged in such a way that we can’t recover our data from them. If we want to format them, they give us error message i.e. neither they recover or format.

Today I have come with such a software that solved all my problems of memory card. One of my friend told me that his memory card has got some fault. In the city, he gone to many mobile shops and checked his card from many technicians but they just told that this is from Chine and it has no guaranty. If it got corrupted, no one can solve this problem. I said to him to give me a chance and I will try to fix it. It’s worth 350PKR and a how a poor man can afford to buy a new one.

When I see the card, it was looking new. I said to him that I will take this card to my home today and will connect with my computer to solve this issue. I inserted into a card reader and plugged in computer. When it got connected, a folder opens up. I thought that it has no issue but when I tried to format it, I was unable to do that. The card of 2 GB was showing total capacity of just a few Kbs. So I found that it was totally a damaged card. I opened up my internet and start searching some way or some software to fix its issue. After a lot of search, I found a software that solved all the issue. So I thought to share with you here. The software name is HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. This is a simple software with a simple installation and working procedure. If anyone found problem in using, let us know through the comments. This software is very helpful for those cards or USB that
• Don’t format
• Write protected issue
• Corrupt issue

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In this case, you can use this simple tool that provides such an easy option to recover, repair or format the damaged memory card.

Software 1:

Download HD, MMC, SD Card Tool

Software 2:
Download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool