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How to Remove Image Background Easily?

How to Remove Image Background Easily?
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Sometimes you capture a photo of your loved ones but you feel like shit when sadly the background of the image is not good as you desires. Don’t worry; it is possible to remove the background with the help of Adobe PhotoShop. All is OK now but what to do if you’re not expert enough to use photoshop for background removing and changing it with a better one.

Now probably you will be looking for some software. Why not go for an easy solution i.e. edits your photo through online websites. Today I have came with review of such website.

How to Remove Image Background Easily?

Given here the steps for removing the image background;

  • Go to the background removing website here ( https://clippingmagic.com/ ).
  • Click on upload image and select your image location. It will open and load your image in the website window.
  • Now click on green marker and place the marks on the photo(Green marker is used for the part of the image other than background)
  • Now click on the red marker and place the marks on the background to which you want to remove. It will show the image result along with on the same window.
  • Use the Erase marker and scalpel to refine and sharpen the image. Others options are also available like changing the brush size, background, color, crop, shadows, edges, zoom in/out etc.
  • When you image is ready, just click on download button. Go to the website for more help about removing background.

Here is a sample picture from which I have removed the background.
(Images Credit: www.itdunya.com/)

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Remove background 1

remove image background 2

remove image background 3

remove image background 4

Remove background 2

remove image background