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How to Install Windows from your Saved Backup?

How to Install Windows from your Saved Backup?
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Today software is about a corrupt window. Windows operating system is used by most of the people in the world. Hopefully, the readers of this blog will be using this also. Although windows is very reliable and easy to use but sometimes it will be corrupted due to some virus attack or deletion of some system file. When such a problem occurs, most of the people have only the solution is to install a fresh window.

Although, you can solve this problem in this way but it takes a lot of time and money. Hopefully, the today’s solution will make your problem solving easier.

Install Windows from your Saved Backup

Some of the people may have used a system ghost but it is somehow difficult to use. System restore software is more reliable. Install a fresh window and all your needed software and make a backup using some backup software (given below). Save it on your USB and next time you can feel the experience of fresh windows when next time, your windows will be corrupted.

Software Introduction

Software Name: eassos system restore

Size: 10.3MB

Characteristic of Eassos System Restore

  • It can backup every file of your system.
  • Compresses the size of the backup file.
  • Make a backup and restore it at full speed.
  • The interface is very simple and everyone can use it.

How does It work?

Step 1: After the installation of this software, run it from the desktop. Opening window will be like that;

backup restore software

Step 2: Click on Backup

Step 3: Click on Options

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backup restore software

Step 4: Do the settings as per your choice. (Select system partition where the window is installed. Select the partition where you want to save the backup. Select the folder location. Also, select that is the eassos restore option will show in the boot menu or hide it and it will appear on pressing F11).

Step 5: Click on Next.

backup restore software

Step 6: After pressing next, click on OK. Now the system will restart and start saving the backup.

backup restore software

Now when the system starts, it will show the boot and restore options.