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How to do Networking through Remote Assistant?

How to do Networking through Remote Assistant?
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Most people actually don’t know how to connect different computers in a network like a network in a building, workplace, or net café. Today, I will tell you the simplest way to do networking with the help of window default options. Through them, one not only can connect the multiple PCs but control all the PCs from a server.

Networking through Remote Assistant

You can do that with the help of a remote assistant which is a built-in application in Windows XP, 7, and 8. But to do this, you have to know the user password of the other computer and the other computer must allow the remote assistance utility.

Right-click on My Computer and then on properties. Select the remote assistant tab and select all the options inside (2 options). Then click on the Save button.


How to Control the other PC?

To control the other PCs in the network, go to Control panel>Access RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.


In the box, put in the name of that PC of that computer. If name is corrected, it will ask for user ID and password. Give the user name and Password of that computer (to which you want to control).

networking 2

You can also do that by typing MSTSC in the run command. Press Windows+R to run Run function.

Through these simple steps, you not only can see the other PC in network but can control it just like a server.

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