How Facebook Can Affect the Students?

How Facebook Can Affect the Students?
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As we all know people are mainly addicted to technological devices. We are living in a technological era so in every field, we can see the impact and influence of technology. Mainly social media is used by the youngsters. The social media is used for a different purpose may be for entertainment for collecting pieces of information for the educational purpose like that there are any other purposes for which social media is used. There is YouTube face book twitter email and so many other applications which are used by the youngsters. Teachers and educators use social media for the educational purpose of the students. They learn through it. Now a day’s students as well as small children’s use social media for entertainments purpose mainly they use Face book which opens a new world to the students.

Through face books people are able to make new friends and also understand the cultures of different countries. It is an open window for the world. By sitting in one place one can make friends from other nation. It has positive as well as negative impact on students. Some become addicted to face book and they lost touch with the real world and the people who are near to them. Some students use such applications for their educational purpose too which will make their learning process easier and comfortable. It has both negative as well as positive impact on students.

Positive Impact

Helps to collect information’s

Face book is considered the most famous social networking for the young generation. Students are able to collect any kind of information’s related to any subject. Without must stress and strain they will get information’s within a minute. If they need information from a person who is really far away from them they can use face book and ask them to send it through it. They will get it in a minute so it really helped students to collect pieces of information. And also provides the latest information’s related to the world.

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Communicate and for entertainment

Face book helps to communicate with the other person who is far away from him. In the past, Face book was not that much developed and people didn’t have any kind of deep information’s related to it. But now everyone has information’s related to Facebook and they know how to use it. Students mainly use face book to communicate with different people. They have the facility to post to download videos books and play games. They can watch movies and listen to music all type of facilities are available on Face book.

Make them stress-free

When they completely concentrate on studies the social media are relaxation elements in their life. When they cha with their friends or do some activities on face book it makes them relaxed and stress-free.

Negative Impact

Academic performance

When the students use Face book more than the limited time they become addicted to it and it directly affects their academics performance of the students. They completely involved in its activities and will loss concentrate on studies. So whenever a student uses Face book we must make sure that he is using it for a limited time and should make them understand the demerits of social media at first itself.

Change in their behavior

As the student continuously uses face book or any other social media he becomes addicted to it and him loses touch with the people surround him. He gives more importance to the friends on Face book and gives importance to their words. So naturally, there will be behavioral changes from the student’s side.

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So there is positive as well as negative impact on students. They must be made aware of the negative impact of Face book and other social media. If they use Face book for a limited time and for good cause then there will be a positive impact on their studies. So parents, as well as a teacher, must observe the students while they are using social media and direct them towards the right path.

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