Federal Board VS Punjab Board, Which one is Better!

Federal Board VS Punjab Board, Which one is Better!
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The first and most significant distinction is that the Federal Board syllabus is considerably more demanding and sophisticated than the Punjab board curriculum.

The second distinction is that the federal board now includes a second foreign language, making it simpler for students to pursue work in foreign countries after they graduate. The most significant distinction is that the Federal Board has a particularly rigorous grading procedure.

The Punjab board has only three languages for exams, Urdu, English, and Punjabi, whereas Federal Board has five languages for exams, Urdu, English, Urdu, Persian, and Punjabi. Let’s discuss it more in detail.

Hard Work

If you’re a Federal Board student, you’ll need to put in considerably more effort than a Punjab Board student to receive the same grades. Of course, this implies you’ll have to put in a significant amount of effort to achieve your goal.

English Proficiency

The English proficiency of pupils who attend Federal and Punjab schools varies. If you choose a student from the Federal Board and another from the Punjab Board, the Federal Board Student will do better in writing and conversation.


It’s the finest board for clearing concepts. It gives more importance to concepts rather than cramming. Federal Board’s pupils are more concept-based than Punjab’s. You can notice a difference between Punjab Board and Federal Board science papers by looking at the paper patterns of chemistry, physics, and biology. But in Punjab Board, concepts are not more important.

The Hard Work Will Pay off

Third, Federal Board maintains the reputation it has earned. According to your effort, Federal Board is still the greatest board that provides you grades. However, it’s not the case with Punjab Board.

Entry Test Pass Ratio

When compared with pupils from the Punjab Board, the Federal Board students are more successful. As we all know, the key component in the Entry Test is concepts. The students with superior concepts have no trouble passing the Entry Test. The entry test pass ratio of Federal Board Students is more than Punjab Board Students.

Papers Pattern

The paper pattern for the Punjab and Federal Board is considerably different. The Federal Board’s test questions are generally conceptual in nature, with subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology being common. Many questions are drawn from the exercises in Punjab Board, whereas the situation is very different from that of the Federal Board.


The Federal Board’s most significant drawback is that it awards low scores for papers that are difficult, theoretical, or challenging to complete. If you’re a hardworking student, SSC may provide excellent results, but HSSC is a tough row to hoe.


To succeed in the Entry Test or earn high scores on the Federal Board’s Papers, you must keep your idea simple at all times. You’re thankful if you have a competent instructor. What if you don’t get a good one? Oh, well! Then you’ll ask a lot of questions to the instructor, and he will grow weary of you in no time.


The Federal Board is undoubtedly the best board, but it requires more commitment and dedication. If you’re willing to sacrifice your time and work hard, the Federal Board is the best option as compared to Punjab Board.

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