My Experience with Using Tinder

My Experience with Using Tinder
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Let me start by saying one thing. I am skeptical of all of these dating services. Not so much because virtual communication is in principle not capable of replacing real-life communication but rather because of the specificity of the audience. It is somehow suspicious to see the profiles of all of these beauties; they are all looking for guys for “friendship and serious relationships” on the Internet. There is just something weird about it; I cannot put my finger on what exactly gives me creeps, but whatever. Nevertheless, Tinder got me interested.

I learned about the service from a friend who accidentally found Tinder at the App store while looking for something else. Obviously, we’ve both heard about it in the past, but we never got to use it. In a matter of a week, he has met himself a girl, and they’ve had a great time. So, he suggested me to try it. And I mean, why not? I’m not going to lose anything other than my time, by using the service. So I’ve uploaded Tinder and spent a few days using it.

Although Tinder is a purebred dating service, it still differs from the competition. First, the Facebook account is used for registration, which somewhat reduces the risk of not meeting the person the Tinder profile is talking about. Secondly, in Tinder, it’s not so easy to start communicating; first, you need to get mutual interest. On the one hand, this complicates the process of acquaintance, but on the other, it eliminates annoying individuals of dubious appearance and bad intentions. This system is mostly enough to protect you from all the possible scammers out there.

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The iOS app is great. There aren’t a lot of buttons and menus, but this has its own charm: you will not be confused when using it. The main application window shows cards of potentially interesting girls (in my case) for dating. The system searches for them by geolocation tags with a given radius and age in accordance with the parameters you specify. This can range from a couple of miles to around 150 miles from you. The same goes for age, from 18 to 35. The latter number is weird: why shouldn’t you use Tinder when you are 36+? This, in my opinion, it’s one of the biggest missteps of Tinder, alienating a large portion of the audience.

You can press on these cards; they get you to the person’s profile: it includes the name and age, photos of the user, common interests (from Facebook), some “about me” information, as well as information about the distance from your current location and the time of her last visit to Tinder.

Suppose you are ready to meet with someone. You either swipe their card to the right side of the screen, or you can press the “like” button. I prefer the latter; it’s much easier. Just by liking someone, you don’t get anything; you have to get them to like you back. When you get a person like that, you will get notified about in the “Messages” menu, by using which, you can immediately start communicating with that person.

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Your Tinder profile partially takes information from your Facebook page: your name, age, and even your photos. The latter can be changed; you can upload your own photos from your smartphone or via their PC version. You can write up to 500 symbols about yourself in your profile. This could include anything you want, from your goal in using Tinder to your favorite breeds of dogs. You are given an absolutely free range with this; I like this kind of an approach; everyone will be able to write something unique about them.

Thus, I have downloaded Tinder solely for the purpose of exploring the service as a part of my work, and now I have already found a couple of my own. The impressions are quite positive thus far; I recommend Tinder to everyone out there, but those who are older than 35 should look for some other service, as they have been overlooked. As I’ve said, this is the main downside of Tinder, in my opinion, and it doesn’t affect me. The service is free, extremely easy to use, so why wouldn’t you give it a shot?